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How we are shaping the innovation landscape with courage, simplicity and the right tools

vor 4 months | by Tanja Speck
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Review of the Lunch&Learn: CourageOffensive - your compass in times of opportunity 

In a world that is spinning faster than ever before, courage is not just a virtue, but an indispensable tool. On February 29, 2024 in Mittweida, supported by Thorsten Jekel's technical expertise under the lively moderation of Bert Helbig powered by Karin Burger, we experienced an event that was more than just a Lunch&Learn - it was the starting signal for the next evolutionary stage of the CourageOffensive. 🌟 

If you want to be courageous, you not only need a vision, but also the power to implement it, the power to innovate and the strength to face the future. But how exactly can we unleash these forces and use them positively for innovation success in SMEs, banks and start-ups? 🚀💡 

The driving force of courage: Our initiators of the MutOffensive share their insights into how courage, enabling and empowerment can serve as catalysts for innovation and transformation. With the MutOffensive, they have created a manifesto for the "times of opportunity" - a call to courageously take the next step and take the future into your own hands with joy. 

From the Lunch&Learn we learned how courage can be passed on and used: 

  • Be brave: Use the fear of implementation positively and see it as a driver for change. 
  • Insist on simplicity: Reduce complexity to create clarity and focus. 
  • Tools for implementation: Choosing the right tools that not only enable innovation, but also accelerate it. 
  • Meeting those disenchanted with technology: Show empathy and build bridges to win over skeptics to the digital transformation. 
  • Science as an aid to the future: How scientific findings can create the basis for sustainable innovation. 
  • Pressure as a motivational tool: Finding the right dose of challenge to inspire and excite teams. 
  • Use the four forces of courage: Understanding and using every strength to overcome barriers. 

Couldn't be there live? Don't worry! 🎥 Watch the video of the event and get infected by the energy and ideas of the MutOffensive. It's time to start your innovation journey with courage, joy and the right tools. The future? Just do it! 

Best regards

Julia Breßler 

Couldn't be there live? No worries! 🎥 Take a look at the video of the event. 

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