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the future with us - where your ideas have the space to become stars.


the future with us - where your ideas have the space to become stars.

Become part of the TeleskopEffekt universe

Your career where innovation and team spirit come together

At the heart of TeleskopEffekt, we believe that every individual can make a difference. Here is your chance to become part of a team that is constantly redefining the boundaries of what is possible. With us, you will not only work on exciting projects, but also actively shape the future. Your ideas and your commitment will find the breeding ground to grow and shine. Come on board and let's search the skies for new stars together.


Application initiative: Our doors and hearts are always open to new talent. Your proactive application is not only welcome, but desired.


Creative freedom: Develop your full potential in a working environment that encourages creativity, initiative and independence.


Diversity and team spirit: Become part of a team that lives diversity and in which every individual contribution is valued.


Flexible working conditions: Enjoy the freedom to organize your working methods and hours to suit your lifestyle.

Job vacancy:

Senior Consultant (m/f/d) / Project Manager for Sustainability

Are you ready to turn your passion for sustainability into a career that makes an impact?

At TeleskopEffekt, we are looking for an inspired Senior Consultant / Project Manager who not only has specialist knowledge, but also a deep passion for promoting a sustainable future. In close cooperation with the renowned Terra Institute and other partners, we offer you the unique opportunity to provide comprehensive support and guidance to companies on their path to sustainability.

Your Responsibilities: 

  • Inspire change: As a pioneer in the field of sustainability, you will advise and support companies and organizations from various sectors. Your task is to develop innovative solutions that not only protect the environment, but also promote the economic success of our clients.
  • Lead with passion: take the lead in projects, be responsible for success and inspire your team. Find new colleagues and lead our sustainability business area to success with them.
  • Network and expand: Expand our business model in the area of sustainability both operationally and strategically. Expand our network in Northeast Bavaria and Saxony and be an active part of our community committed to a sustainable future.

Project Manager (m/f/d) of the future

Are you ready to live out your enthusiasm for projects?

Hey, you! Yes, exactly you, the one who is bubbling over with machismo and ready to immerse yourself in a world where no two days are the same. Are you tired of being pigeonholed and looking for a place where you can live out all your facets? Welcome to us! We are looking for a project manager (m/f/d) who loves to slip into many different roles - concept artist today, coordination genius tomorrow, marketing mogul the day after tomorrow. Sounds like you?

Your Responsibilities: 

  • You bring order to creative chaos and keep the threads of our diverse projects in your hand - from digital to innovative to creative.
  • With your talent for concept work, you bring our ideas to life and give them direction.
  • As a coordinator, you ensure that all the cogs mesh and that our visions become reality.
  • In project marketing, you set the sails anew and show the world what our projects are all about - with strategies that inspire.

Job vacancy:

Job vacancy:

Personnel Officer (m/f/d) | Recruiting

Do you share the passion of the perfect match between employees and employers?

We at DEIN BANKJOB are the new recruiting platform in the banking business! As a spin-off of "Volksbank Mittweida eG," an absolute giant in the banking industry, we are looking for a real superstar to join our team:

Your Responsibilities: 

  • Discovering and approaching candidates who feel at home in the world of banking and finance via various online platforms and networks
  • Building and maintaining an exclusive talent pool of experts who know the financial market like the back of their hand
  • Working closely with our specialist departments to decipher their requirements and create customized recruitment solutions
  • Conducting conversations that are more than just interviews - they are strategic conversations that shape the future of our industry

Application initiative:

No vacancy currently advertised that suits you?

Even if there is currently no vacancy, we see the potential for future opportunities in every application. Show us what drives you and how you can enrich our universe.

TeleskopEffekt GmbH is more than just a workplace; it is a community driven by curiosity, passion and the desire to make the world a better place. Here you can think freely, work creatively and become part of something truly unique. If you're ready to look through the telescope with us into a bright future, apply now. We can't wait to get to know you and discover new horizons together.

Dominik Baumann Managing Director
We can hardly wait to get to know you and discover new horizons together.

Get in touch with us and let's create inspiring innovations together.