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Moderation & keynote speech

Building paths with words - our moderation and keynote speeches create connections that enable change.

Moderation & keynote speech

Building paths with words - our moderation and keynote speeches create connections that enable change.

Experience meets inspiration: moderation & keynote speeches by TeleskopEffekt

Add depth and dynamism to your banking events

In a world characterized by constant change and increasing complexity, we at TeleskopEffekt offer unique facilitation and speaking services aimed at sharing knowledge, broadening perspectives and providing transformative impetus.

Our experienced experts use their in-depth insights into the banking sector to bring topics relating to innovation, digitalization and sustainability to life and make them tangible.


In-depth understanding: Our keynote speeches not only impart essential knowledge, but also promote a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the banking sector.


Engaged interaction: Professional moderation creates a dynamic space for dialog and discussion that actively involves all participants and encourages them to think for themselves.


Innovative impulses: We bring in fresh ideas and perspectives that inspire your teams and motivate them to break new ground.


Tailor-made content: Each presentation and moderation is tailored specifically to your needs for maximum relevance and impact

Dr. Benjamin Zeitler Managing Director

Building paths with words

Our moderation and keynote speeches create connections that enable change.

With a foundation of in-depth industry understanding and an eye for the latest methodologies and unconventional knowledge, we offer not just information, but inspiration.

What customers can expect:

  • In-depth understanding: Our experts impart essential knowledge and promote a comprehensive understanding of current and future trends in the banking sector. We attach great importance to making complex content accessible and understandable.
  • Engaged interaction: Our moderation creates a lively space for exchange and discussion. We encourage people to question conventional thought patterns and promote a culture of openness and critical thinking.
  • Innovative impulses: We bring in fresh perspectives that not only inform, but also inspire. Our keynote speeches are designed to inspire motivation and lay the foundations for change and innovation.
  • Customized content: We understand that every organization has unique needs. That's why we customize our content to ensure it has maximum relevance and impact.

Why book TeleskopEffekt?

With our extensive experience and ability to combine the latest methods and exclusive knowledge, we offer unique added value. Our services go beyond the mere transfer of knowledge - we create experiences that resonate and trigger lasting change. Our moderation and keynote speeches are more than just a program item; they are a catalyst for growth, inspiration and transformation.

Whether at events, workshops or other formats, TeleskopEffekt stands for moderation and keynote speeches that not only inform, but also inspire and mobilize. Are you ready to give your event a transformative touch and equip your teams for the challenges and opportunities of the future? Then TeleskopEffekt is your ideal partner. Contact us to work together to create a customized experience that not only inspires your audience but also effectively supports your strategic goals.

Add depth and dynamism to your next event

Our passion for commitment and inspiration makes us the ideal partner,

to enrich your conference, workshop or seminar.


How can keynote speeches inspire my team?

They offer new insights and food for thought, encouraging you to question existing processes and develop creative solutions. They increase the engagement and attention of your audience and ensure that the key messages are effectively communicated and discussed.

Can the content be tailored to specific topics in our company?

Yes, our services are customizable to address the specific interests and needs of your business.

How do your experts prepare for the moderation?

Our experts conduct thorough research and develop a targeted moderation strategy that is tailored to your event. Good moderation encourages interaction, keeps the discussion on track and ensures that all participants are actively involved.

Can moderation and presentations also be held virtually?

Yes, we offer flexible formats for face-to-face events as well as virtual or hybrid events.