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Building the bridge to the next generation - with strategic foresight and appreciation.

work in projects

Building the bridge to the next generation - with strategic foresight and appreciation.

Securing the future, preserving values

Tailor-made solutions for a seamless transition

At TeleskopEffekt, we see company succession as one of the most critical phases in the life cycle of a medium-sized company. Our mission is to shape this transition not just as the end, but as the beginning of a new era of innovation and growth.

We offer:

  1. Individual advice: Personal support in all steps of succession planning.
  2. Strategic foresight: Preparing your company for the future through targeted innovation and value enhancement.
  3. Seamless transition: Ensuring a smooth transition with a focus on preserving and increasing value.
  4. Sustainability: Strengthening the company's innovative strength and adaptability for the next generation.
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Value-oriented company succession - Nexxt Mittweida

With Nexxt Mittweida, we offer a comprehensive support program that ranges from the preparation, search and induction to the implementation of the succession. Our services include:

  • Individual advice and planning for a seamless company handover.
  • Workshops and seminars to promote entrepreneurial skills among potential successors.
  • Support in assessing and increasing future viability of your company.
  • Mediation between transferors and potential successorsto ensure the best fit.

Together, we will shape the transition of your company in a way that preserves its values, strengthens its innovative power and ensures its future viability. Let's build the bridge to the next generation - contact us to take the first step.

Business succession is much more than just a business transaction; it is a decisive moment that determines the future viability of your company. With TeleskopEffekt at your side, you have a partner who not only has the necessary expertise and experience, but also a deep understanding of the emotional aspects of this transition.

Safely into the future: company succession with a telescopic effect

The time to act is now.

We are ready when you are!


Why is strategic company succession important?

A carefully planned succession secures the future of your company, preserves its values and sets the course for sustainable growth. It minimizes risks and maximizes the value for the next generation.

What makes company succession with TeleskopEffekt unique?

Our approach combines personal advice with strategic planning. We understand the emotional and business aspects of succession and offer customized solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of your company.

How do I start the company succession process?

The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your company and your personal goals. Together, we develop a roadmap that takes into account both the organizational and emotional aspects of succession.

Can TeleskopEffekt help in the search for a suitable successor?

Yes, we support you in identifying and evaluating potential succession candidates, both within and outside your family or company.

How can I ensure that my company remains fit for the future?

Through our consulting and workshops, we help you to recognize and implement innovation potential in order to prepare your company for future challenges.

What happens if I don't have a successor in the family?

We explore alternative succession strategies with you, including external takeover options or the development of managers from within the company, in order to find a suitable solution.