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Shaping the future, expanding boundaries

TeleskopEffekt- The workbench for sustainable, future-oriented transformations in the financial sector

Shaping the future, expanding boundaries

TeleskopEffekt- The workbench for sustainable, future-oriented transformations in the financial sector

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We strengthen sustainable and future-oriented banks

The mission The telescope effect for banks is all about shaping the future and pushing boundaries. We see ourselves as the workbench for sustainable, future-oriented transformations in the financial sector and have customized support offerings that enable banks to effectively integrate new technologies, methods and concepts into their business strategies.


As a subsidiary of Volksbank Mittweida eG, we understand the specific needs and challenges of the financial sector first-hand. We accompany your bank on its path to digital transformation - from process optimization to innovation strategy, we accompany you on the path to sustainable success.


Our goal is to prepare you optimally for the digital future without losing sight of sustainability. Our expertise and our broad ecosystem of partners enable us to find the right solutions for your individual challenges.


We promote active knowledge sharing and innovation by networking with leading technology providers, academic institutions and start-ups. This integrative approach enables us to recognize trends early on and implement innovative solutions quickly


Your bank benefits from tailored training programs, workshops and events aimed at raising awareness of digital opportunities and fully exploiting internal innovation potential. Together, we are shaping a banking landscape that is not only technologically up to date, but also meets the requirements of a sustainable and customer-oriented future.

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What makes the TeleskopEffekt so unique?

Our uniqueness lies in our close connection to an extensive and international network of partners and our deep understanding of the specific challenges and needs of the financial sector. Our ability to combine practical experience with innovative solutions and to leverage a broad network of technology experts, academic institutions and start-ups enables us to develop customized, future-oriented strategies for banks.

Why should you enter into a collaboration with TeleskopEffekt?

Working with us offers banks the opportunity to benefit from in-depth expertise and industry-specific know-how based on years of experience and a broad innovation network. Banks gain access to customized solutions that not only drive digital transformation, but also promote sustainable and customer-centric business practices. The collaboration can help banks become innovation leaders in an ever-changing financial market.

Where does TeleskopEffekt see the advantage for banks in integrating new innovations, trends and technology?

The integration of new innovations, trends and technologies has the advantage of making companies more efficient, customer-oriented and competitive. Innovations open up new business models, improve customer interaction and experience and optimize internal processes through digitalization. This helps banks to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and remain fit for the future.

What is courage for the telescope effect?

For us, courage means taking innovative paths, taking risks and seeing change as an opportunity. Courage is demonstrated by a willingness to explore new technologies and business models that challenge traditional banking practices and drive the industry forward. It is about being proactive in shaping the future of financial services rather than reacting to change.

What is behind the name TeleskopEffekt?

The name "TeleskopEffekt" symbolizes our mission to provide banks with a far-reaching view into the future and to support them in not only recognizing upcoming trends, technologies and business models, but also actively shaping them. Like a telescope that opens up a view into distant galaxies, we open up perspectives for our clients on new, often as yet undiscovered opportunities in the financial sector. The "effect" stands for the powerful change and tangible implementation that we trigger through our expertise, innovative methodology and practical know-how. Together with our partners and clients, we strive not only to develop forward-looking solutions, but also to successfully put them into practice - for a banking landscape that is technologically advanced, sustainable and customer-oriented. The telescope effect - where looking into the future becomes a source of transformation.

How does TeleskopEffekt ensure that its solutions are practical and directly implementable?

As TeleskopEffekt, we attach great importance to ensuring that our solutions are not only at the forefront of innovation, but also practical and directly implementable in day-to-day banking. I achieve this by working closely with our banking partners to understand their specific needs and challenges. I develop my solutions in close consultation with the banks and test them for their practical suitability through pilot projects and prototypes. In addition, continuous feedback and the experience gained from implementation flow directly into the optimization of the solutions. Through this iterative process, I ensure that our strategies and technologies are not only up to date, but also create real added value for the banks and strengthen their competitiveness in the long term.

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