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Innovation journey

Navigate change with foresight and agility - your innovation journey with telescopic effect 

Innovation journey

Navigate change with foresight and agility - your innovation journey with telescopic effect 

Master change with strategic innovation

Unleash the innovative power of your financial company for future-proof development.

In an industry that is constantly changing due to rapid technological developments and changing customer expectations, a clear Innovation journey is crucial. We help you to develop a strategy that not only successfully implements new technologies and methods, but also promotes sustainable business models and efficient processes.

Together we will shape your future in finance:


Customized innovation management: Developing a strategy based on the specific needs and goals of your bank.


Integration of technology trends: Using blockchain, FinTech solutions and digital financial products to transform your offerings.


Promoting a culture of innovation: Establishing an environment in which innovation thrives and employees are encouraged to contribute new ideas.


Strategic partnerships: Using our network to create synergies with start-ups and technology partners and jointly develop innovative solutions.

Tanja Speck Innovation work

Innovation management in the financial sector

The key to success

Discover the secret of successful banks in today's dynamic financial world: innovation management. In our exclusive seminar on innovation management, you will learn how to unleash the innovative power of your bank and lead it sustainably into the future. Whether FinTechs, cooperative banks or savings banks - they all share the need to excel through innovation. This seminar offers you the chance to dive deep into the world of innovation management, learn from best practices and understand how to successfully implement new technologies, methods and business models.

What you win:
  • Insights into effective innovation management: Understand how to orchestrate change, introduce new products and develop processes to drive your bank forward.
  • Adapting to digital change: Learn how to develop and implement digital financial products that offer your customers real added value.
  • Building a culture of innovation: Learn how to create a culture of innovation that encourages creativity and learns from mistakes.
  • Strategies for sustainable success: Get strategies and tools to establish innovation processes in your bank and actively shape the future.
  • Whether you have the role of innovation manager, are in top management or work in your own innovation center - this seminar is your key to promoting innovation in your team and boosting your bank's performance.

Are you ready to lead your bank into a successful future through targeted innovation management? Click now to register for our seminar and take the first step towards breakthrough innovation.

EffektTag innovation strategy

Be at the forefront of innovation

In an era where innovation cycles are constantly shortening and traditional industry boundaries are blurring, it's crucial to stay on top of the latest developments and be proactive. This intensive workshop day is your opportunity to dive deep into the current trends shaping the financial world and understand how you can use these insights strategically for the success of your bank.

What you will discover:

  • Basic knowledge of trends: Gain insights into the latest digitalization trends and technologies that are shaping the financial industry.
  • Innovations of tomorrow: Identify forward-looking innovations that offer real solutions to the challenges facing banks.
  • Influence of business model innovations: Understand how customer values are changing and the impact this has on your bank's bottom line.
  • Strategic innovation paths: Learn how to implement effective innovation processes in your organization and develop a strong innovation strategy
Workshop details:

FormatThe workshop day offers not only keynote speeches and live demos, but also the opportunity to actively discuss solutions in group work and get in touch with experts from the field.

Target groupThis day is perfect for executives, innovation managers and anyone who plays a role in the financial sector and wants to make their institution fit for the future.

Investment: Decide between different options

  • In the Werkabnk32 - 4.500,00€ net incl. room & technical costs and catering
  • At your bank - €4,500.00 net incl. travel costs within Germany
  • Digital - 4.200,00€ net

EffektTag Blockchain Inspiration Day

Discover the transformative power of blockchain technology

In this specially designed workshop, you will delve deep into the world of blockchain, far beyond the current hype. We will uncover the basic concepts, explain the technical background in an understandable way and shed light on the many possible applications of this revolutionary technology.

Why should you take part?

  • Understanding the basics of blockchain: Learn everything you need to know about the blockchain concept, including the differences between public and private blockchains.
  • Recognizing the business potential: Discover concrete use cases and learn from practical examples how blockchain can drive business model development from idea to implementation.
  • Blockchain in your companyGain insights into tools and methods to identify potential blockchain use cases for your organization and how to design an ideation process to find and implement them.
Workshop details:
  • Format: Choose between a half-day or full-day workshop, available as a face-to-face event at your company, digital/hybrid or at our location in Mittweida/Werkbank32.
  • Dates and investment: Various dates are available, with flexible pricing options tailored to your team's needs.
    • Half-day: 490 per participant in the workbench32; €3,500 per workshop in your company (plus VAT and travel expenses if applicable).
    • All day: 790,- Euro per participant in the workbench32; 5.000 € per workshop in your company (plus VAT and travel expenses if applicable).

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology for your bank and take a step towards the future? Click now to register for the Blockchain Inspiration Day and set the course for innovative changes in your company.


Experience Estonian digitization know-how up close

We bring the innovations of Estonia directly to Germany and also offer individual trips to Estonia! Estonia, recognized worldwide as a pioneer in digitalization, is opening its doors to you. Our exclusive trips to Tallinn give you the opportunity to experience digitalization first-hand and learn from the most successful start-ups and medium-sized companies.

Why is this offer so special?

  • Direct insight into Estonian digitizationExplore how Estonia became a global beacon of digital innovation.
  • Learning from the best: Take the opportunity to learn directly from the Estonian start-up scene and successful SMEs.
  • Interactive experiences on site and in the showroom: In addition to the individual trips to Estonia, you can experience the "e-Estonia" concept interactively in the D(e)-Estonia showroom at Werkbank32 - with direct connections and live video conferences directly from Tallinn.

This unique opportunity, combined with our exclusive travel offers to Estonia, is based on an exclusive cooperation with e-Estonia (EAS) and offers companies, authorities, institutions and banks not only theoretical insights, but also practical experience and valuable impulses for their own digital transformation.

Are you ready for an inspiring trip to one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world? Click now to find out more about our customized trips to Estonia and the unique experience in the D(e)-Estonia showroom. Discover how you can accelerate the digital transformation in your organization with the knowledge and experience from Estonia.

The future of finance is innovative - be part of this future!

With the right Innovation journey you can not only meet the challenges of today,

but also actively shape the future of your financial company.


Why is an innovation strategy more important than ever for banks today?

At a time when digital technologies are changing the landscape, it is crucial to remain proactive and not just react to change. An innovation strategy helps you to identify and seize opportunities to secure competitive advantages and remain fit for the future.

How can I ensure that my innovation strategy can be implemented?

By working with experts like us who have a deep understanding of the financial sector. We help you to set realistic goals, determine priorities and develop a clear roadmap for implementation.

What role do technology trends such as blockchain play in my innovation strategy?

Technology trends offer new opportunities to increase efficiency, create unique customer experiences and open up new business areas. They should be an integral part of your strategy to ensure your company stays at the forefront of innovation.

How do I promote a culture of innovation in my bank?

By creating an open environment that encourages experimentation and learning from mistakes. It is also important to involve all employees in the innovation process and to value their ideas and suggestions.