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learn from Estonia

Innovation meets tradition - Estonia and TeleskopEffekt shape the future.

learn from Estonia

Innovation meets tradition - Estonia and TeleskopEffekt shape the future.

Bridges to the digital future

Discover Estonia's pioneering work in digitalization with us

Our partnership with Estonia reflects the core of our mission: making forward-looking digital solutions accessible to SMEs. Through close cooperation with Estonia, a global role model for digital innovation, we offer:

  1. Unique insights in Estonia's progressive digitization strategies.
  2. Practical experience through organized trips and direct exchange.
  3. Access to the D(e)-Estonia showroomwhere Estonian digital solutions can be experienced.
  4. Tailor-made advice and Support for the digital transformation of your company.
Why choose Estonia as a partner?
Estonia has established itself as one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world, a pioneer in demonstrating how technology can be sustainably integrated into society. The partnership with Estonia offers unique benefits based on four key pillars:

Digital pioneering role: Estonia has built one of the most efficient and cost-effective technological infrastructures in the world with limited resources after regaining its independence in 1991. Initiatives such as the "Tiger Leap", the introduction of the e-Cabinet, the X-Road system, digital ID and i-Voting have catapulted Estonia to the forefront of digital innovation. These digital achievements offer practical solutions from which partners can learn and benefit.


Education system as a success factor: According to PISA test results, Estonia's pupils are among the leaders in Europe and worldwide. This underlines the effectiveness and equity of the Estonian education system. A strong education system is the basis for innovative thinking and the development of skilled workers who are able to drive forward future-oriented technologies.


High startup and unicorn rate: With only about 1.3 million inhabitants, Estonia has one of the highest rates of startup creation per capita as well as a leading position in the number of unicorns per capita worldwide. This shows that Estonia is fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurial success. Companies such as Skype have their roots here and are examples of the global success of Estonian technology companies.


Efficient public administration and e-government: Estonia's digital services for public administration and e-government are exemplary. Paperless governance and the ability to handle almost all bureaucratic processes online make Estonia a model country for efficient and user-friendly government services.

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D(e)-Estonia showroom

At the heart of our mission is the conviction that direct experience and interactive learning are the best teachers.

The D(e)-Estonia showroom is our window to the future, through which we bring Estonia's most advanced digital solutions directly to you. Here we combine curiosity with knowledge to make innovation tangible and provide inspiration for digital transformation.

What do you discover: Immerse yourself in the world of Estonia's digital pioneers and discover how their innovative solutions can help your business. From e-government to cybersecurity, the showroom offers you the unique opportunity to experience the efficiency and user-friendliness of Estonian technologies first-hand and understand how these approaches can be applied in your context.

Our showroom workshop is a interactive tourwhich guides you through the latest digital innovations in Estonia. Expert-led and hands-on, you will gain insights into the application and potential of these technologies. Through live demonstrations, VR experiences and discussions, we open a space for ideas and questions where you can interact directly with the technologies and learn from best practices.

Are you ready to shape the digital future of your company?

Travel to Estonia

Join TeleskopEffekt GmbH on an inspiring journey to Estonia, the country that is considered a digital model country.

Our vision is to offer companies direct insights into the most advanced digital society in the world. Through our organized Estonia trips, we open the doors to Estonia's innovative ecosystem to show how digitalization can be implemented on a national level. Our goal is to provide participants not only with inspiration, but also with practical knowledge and contacts that they can use for their own digital transformation.

On your trip to Estonia you will discover:

  • Direct insight into Estonia's digital administration and e-Government solutions.
  • Personal encounters with Estonian technology companies and start-ups that are conquering global markets.
  • Valuable contacts to innovators and decision-makers who can open up new perspectives for your company.
  • Suggestions and ideas for the digital transformation of your own business.

Our Estonia trips are carefully planned experiences that give you a comprehensive understanding of Estonia's digital success story. You will take part in guided tours, visit the e-Estonia Briefing Center and gain exclusive insights into the workings and culture of Estonian tech companies.

Want to experience first-hand how Estonia is shaping the digital future? Start your journey to digital excellence today.


Our office in Tallinn

Your bridgehead to Estonia's digital future

With our office in Tallinn, we open the door to one of the most advanced digital societies in the world. As a dynamic interface between Germany and Estonia, we offer direct access to innovative technologies, groundbreaking startups and a unique ecosystem that will transform your business.

What you gain:

  • Direct access to Estonia's digitization eliteUse our office as a springboard to leading technology companies and startups.
  • Personal networking opportunitiesBenefit from our direct line to Estonian innovators and decision makers.
  • Insights into advanced digital solutionsGet exclusive access to the latest developments and applications that will drive your business forward.
  • On-site supportOur team in Tallinn is ready to help you navigate the Estonian digital world.

Details of the offer: Our office in Tallinn is more than just a workplace. It is an innovation hub that allows you to benefit directly from Estonia's digital pioneering role. Take the next step: Are you ready to enrich your business with Estonia's digital excellence? Contact us for a personalized offer and start your journey to a connected future.

Partnership between TeleskopEffekt and Estonia

Together we bring the most advanced digital solutions directly to you!


How can my company benefit from Estonia's digital expertise?

Estonia is known worldwide for its advanced digital services and efficient e-government. Working with Estonia through the Telescope Effect gives your company direct access to this innovative knowledge. You will gain insights into best practices that enable you to digitize processes, increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Take the opportunity to learn from one of the most digital countries in the world and integrate leading technologies into your business.

What is special about the D(e)-Estonia showroom?

The D(e)-Estonia Showroom is a bridge between the Estonian and German innovation landscape. It allows visitors to discover Estonia's most advanced digital solutions - from e-government to e-health - in an interactive environment. By combining virtual reality experiences, live demonstrations and direct connections to Estonian technology experts, the showroom not only offers insights but also inspires new digital paths in one's own organization.

Can the content and programs be individually adapted to my company?

Yes, our offer is flexible. We adapt the content and the program specifically to the needs and interests of your company in order to create the greatest possible added value.

How does TeleskopEffekt support me in implementing Estonian digitization solutions?

Our experts support you from the initial idea through to successful implementation. We offer advice, workshops and customized solutions to drive digital transformation in your company

Which well-known companies come from Estonia?

Remarkably, Estonia has produced a high density of so-called unicorns, i.e. start-ups that are valued at more than one billion US dollars. One of the best known is Skype, which has revolutionized the way we communicate. Other Estonian unicorns include TransferWise (now Wise), an innovative FinTech company that simplifies cross-border bank transfers, and Bolt, which successfully offers mobility services in many countries. These companies are just a few examples of how Estonia is playing a leading role in the global technology market despite its small size

What makes the partnership between TeleskopEffekt and Estonia unique?

This partnership combines Estonian innovation potential with our expertise in supporting SMEs. Together, we create synergies that overcome traditional industry boundaries and open up new digital horizons.