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Integrating sustainability

Sustainability transforms companies - be a pioneer of a sustainable future.

Integrating sustainability

Sustainability transforms companies - be a pioneer of a sustainable future.

The key to sustainable companies

Discover how your company can drive growth and innovation with sustainability strategies.

TeleskopEffekt GmbH partners with companies to master the transformation towards more sustainable business practices. With a focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects, we offer tailor-made solutions that not only help companies reduce their environmental footprint, but also open up new business opportunities and strengthen their resilience to future challenges.


ESG tools: Use advanced tools to integrate sustainability criteria into your business processes and decision-making.


CO2 footprint meter: Measure and minimize your company's carbon footprint to reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency


Event "What makes sustainability tick": Inspiring insights and practical tips from leading experts on how to embed sustainability in your company.


Sustainability consulting: Individual consulting and strategy development to help your company effectively achieve and communicate sustainability goals.

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In a rapidly changing world, integrating sustainability into business strategy is no longer optional, but essential for long-term success and resilience. We support companies inWe help companies to embed sustainability principles deep into their DNA, from carbon footprint reduction to full ESG integration. Our customized solutions and training help to make sustainability tangible and turn it into real business value.

ESG-tool: Use advanced ESG tools to measure, manage and improve sustainability performance.

Integrating sustainability is a crucial step for any business to remain future-proof and have a positive impact on the world. Our expertise and tools enable you to make this transition seamlessly and effectively. Whether by measuring your carbon footprint, using our ESG tool or taking part in the "How sustainability ticks" event, we offer you the resources and know-howto make sustainability an integral part of your company.

Are you ready to take the step towards a sustainable future? Contact us now and let's shape your path to sustainability together.

Event - what makes sustainability tick

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainable transformation

At a time when the sustainability and climate problem is presenting us with completely new challenges, a rethink in all areas of the economy and society is essential. This event aims to raise awareness, provide inspiring insights and show how companies can be key drivers of positive change through their innovation and creativity.

Why "Sustainability ticks"? We are at a turning point where traditional ways of thinking and behaving are no longer sufficient to meet the challenges of our time. The event "How sustainability ticks" is more than a seminar; it is a call to action, a guide to modern corporate management that puts sustainability at the center and shows how every company can achieve a real positive impact.

What you win:
  • Deep understanding of sustainability: Gain insights into the fundamental connections between climate issues and corporate responsibility.
  • Realignment of corporate management: Learn how you can establish sustainability as the core of your corporate strategy and become a pioneer in your industry.
  • Practical use cases: Discover how companies are already making a positive contribution today with innovative approaches and creativity.
  • Inspiration and motivation: Let the success stories and vision of our spokesperson Felix Pliester inspire and motivate you to play an active role in shaping change.
Sustainability transforms companies

Be a pioneer of a sustainable future.

We are ready when you are!


What does an effective sustainability strategy for companies include?

Effective sustainability strategies include the assessment and minimization of environmental impacts, the promotion of social responsibility and the implementation of ethical business practices. They require a holistic view of business processes and a firm anchoring of sustainability principles in the corporate culture.

How can my company benefit from sustainability measures?

Companies benefit from improved brand perception, risk minimization, cost savings through more efficient processes, the development of new markets and the strengthening of customer and employee loyalty.

Are sustainability investments also financially viable?

Yes, sustainability investments can lead to significant financial savings in the long term, whether through more efficient use of resources, avoiding fines or tapping into new customer segments that value sustainable products.

How do I measure my company's carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint can be measured using specialized tools and services that provide a detailed analysis of your company's direct and indirect emissions. This analysis is the first step in setting reduction targets and implementing measures to reduce the footprint.

How do I integrate sustainability into my company's DNA?

Sustainability is integrated into the corporate culture through training, creating awareness of environmental and social issues, setting clear goals and implementing policies and practices that promote sustainability in all aspects of business operations.

How do I communicate my sustainability efforts effectively?

Effective communication includes transparent reporting on sustainability goals, measures and progress, stakeholder engagement and the use of stories and examples of how your business can lead and thrive through sustainable action.