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Together for a sustainable future - every contribution counts.


Together for a sustainable future - every contribution counts.

Living sustainability with TeleskopEffekt

Our commitment to a greener world

At TeleskopEffekt, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We see ourselves as pioneers in combining innovation and ecological responsibility. Our aim is to make a positive contribution to climate protection through targeted measures and conscious corporate management. By measuring our CO2 footprint, we set clear targets for reducing our emissions and show that responsible action and economic success can go hand in hand.


Measurement and targets: We take our climate responsibility seriously by regularly measuring our carbon footprint and setting ourselves clear reduction targets.


Efficient use of our premises: When utilizing our premises, we pay attention to energy efficiency by optimizing electricity and heating consumption.


Conscious consumption: Our catering offering includes 50% fewer meat options to reduce the environmental footprint of our events.


Promotion of sustainable mobility: We recommend sustainable travel options and focus on efficient planning and necessary personal meetings for company trips

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We measure our CO2 footprint and have clear targets

We consider sustainability
  • CO2 footprint measurement: A transparent overview of our emissions and the identification of potential savings.
  • Reduction measures: From adapting catering and optimizing energy consumption to promoting environmentally friendly mobility.
  • Compensation: Once all reduction potential has been exhausted, we offset any remaining net emissions through targeted projects.

Sustainability is not a trend for us, but a fundamental attitude. With every step we take towards more sustainable operations, we want to inspire others to join us on this journey. Our commitment to the environment is a central part of our identity as an innovation leader. Let's take responsibility together and ensure a future worth living for everyone.

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