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Dr. Julia Breßler

1TP6Innovation architect - Where Julia walks, innovation germinates

Dr. Julia Breßler

Julia is in her role as #Innovationsarchitect at TeleskopEffekt GmbH is the embodiment of a genuine #IdeasImperator. With an inexhaustible reservoir of creative ideas and innovative suggestions, she brings a breath of fresh air to every project. Her ability not only to think up innovative concepts, but also to put them into practice, makes Julia an indispensable driver of progress within the team and far beyond.

As #WillpowerMiracle Julia proves that No goal is too ambitious if you work towards it with energy and determination. Her tenacious willpower and ability not to be discouraged by challenges not only drive her own projects forward, but also inspire the entire team to extraordinary achievements.

The #PowerPioneer in Julia keeps her constantly on the lookout for new horizons. Her pioneering spirit is infectious and motivates everyone around her to leave the beaten track and boldly break new ground. Julia's commitment to driving innovation and constantly breaking new ground has made her a valued leader and a driving force at TeleskopEffekt.

In addition to its role as an innovationarchitect coordinated Julia our projects around the Extensionng the Werkbank32 with TeleWerk and AMSEL and our Regional projects with Nexxt Mittweida, which focuses on corporate succession for regional companies.rnehmen goes, uand the join in the summer AAs co-initiatortor of the CourageOffensive it is known as Podcaster active, shares valuable insights and inspires others to push their own boundaries. 

Julia's combination of innovative spirit, willpower and pioneering work makes her an indispensable pillar of TeleskopEffekt GmbH. Her passion for innovation, her ability to connect people and her tireless commitment to realizing new ideas shape the corporate culture and contribute significantly to the success of TeleskopEffekt.