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Book & Podcast

Discover the power of courage

Discover the power of courage and innovation through book and podcast. Immerse yourself in stories and strategies that inspire and motivate you to take the next step.

Book & Podcast

Discover the power of courage

Discover the power of courage and innovation through book and podcast. Immerse yourself in stories and strategies that inspire and motivate you to take the next step.

Inspiration on every page and in every episode

MutOffensive: Your navigator through the world of opportunities

In a world full of challenges and changes, the CourageOffensive book and podcast offer a source of inspiration and courage. They are more than just sources of information; they are companions on the path to personal and professional growth. Through profound insights, encouraging stories and practical advice, they strengthen the courage to innovate, take action and make good decisions. Whether you're founding a startup, transforming a business or simply looking to expand your comfort zone, you'll find the motivation and tools to make your dreams a reality.


CourageOffensive Book: A compass in times of opportunity: A guide full of inspiring stories and practical tips to help you see the opportunities in change and take bold action.


CourageOffensive Podcast: Regular conversations with visionaries, doers and thought leaders who share how courage has guided them through uncertainty and inspired them to success.


Book by Leonhard Zintl Making the future simple: A Collection of Insights and Strategies to Unleash Innovation and Foster a Culture of Courage in Your Environment.


From idea to action: Both media offer concrete steps and instructions on how you can turn ideas into actions and welcome challenges as opportunities.

Dr. Julia Breßler Innovation work

General information on the courage offensive

How can we support or even ensure innovation success for SMEs, banks and start-ups?

With the MutOffensive, we are taking a path of inspiration and support through courage for the future, courage for action and courage to make good decisions. The aim of the CourageOffensive is to encourage people and companies undergoing transformation to take the next/necessary steps and shape their future.

Behind the MutOffensive are Leonhard Zintl, Benjamin Zeitler, Alexander Knauer and Julia Breßler (the initiators of the MutOffensive), as well as TeleskopEffekt and Volksbank Mittweida. From their work, they know about the driving force of courage, enabling and empowerment for innovation work and transformation. With the CourageOffensive, they are initiating the Compass for Times of Opportunity.

Book CourageOffensive


We live in a time characterized by change, uncertainty, complexity and ambivalence - we live in a VUCA world. In these supposed times of crisis, it is easy to lose courage - the courage to believe in a better world, in social responsibility and humanity, in innovative strength and entrepreneurial spirit, in all the values that define us as a country, as a culture and as an economy. We are convinced that there is an opportunity in every upheaval.

That's why we wrote the book: MutOffensive-ein Kompass in Chancenzeiten. Our aim is to encourage decision-makers, doers and implementers of innovation work by highlighting opportunities and successful use cases. In doing so, we are addressing innovation enthusiasts, the curious and forward-thinkers who are open to trend-setting impulses and recommendations for directions. Each contribution represents a compass for times of opportunity, a single framework of ideas that can come from different sectors and areas.

CourageOffensive PODCAST

We are convinced that courage can be learned

Dear innovation enthusiasts, dear curious people, dear forward thinkers,

When was the last time you were brave? Changes and innovations are associated with uncertainties, stumbling blocks and barriers. The courageous person will see opportunities and potential in them. With boldness and courage, we can tackle change and innovation. That's why we initiated the MutOffensive podcast. We regularly encourage you with exciting interview partners on various topics.

We are convinced that courage can be learned - and our podcast offers an opportunity to do just that.

Book by Leonhard Zintl


The future is distributed during the crisis! We are forced to change. We are being pushed into change by the crisis. We can fight back or accept the crisis as an invitation to DO!

Future distribution: who's in? It is the brave ones who are learning now instead of sleeping. It is the upright ones who do not allow the changes to deter them from their path. And it is the successful ones who are determined to get started instead of putting off their plans. What unites these future shapers is not a specific qualification, a single character trait or luck.

Be there!

The courage offensive through book and podcast is more than just words
It is a movement that aims to promote a culture of courage and innovation.

Immerse yourself in the world of Werkbank32 and get started - in Mittweida's heart of creativity and innovation.