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A day of Estonian inspiration: Estonia Day at the workbench32

vor 3 months | from admin
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February 6, 2024 will be remembered as "Estonia Day" for us. At Werkbank32, our innovation hub in Mittweida, we celebrated a special event that bridged the gap between Estonia and Central Saxony in terms of digitalization and education. With two outstanding events, this day provided a unique platform for exchange, learning and inspiration from our Estonian partners and friends.

Innovation and education through practical

The event was kicked off by the Estonian startup Praktikal, which had traveled all the way from Estonia to present to teachers and representatives of educational institutions. Praktikal is at the forefront of educational innovation with its platform, which offers teaching and learning materials specially developed for STEM subjects. Over 400 teachers in Estonia are already using this platform to enrich their lessons with inspiring and practical lessons. Praktikal facilitates time-consuming preparation and enables teachers to devote themselves more individually to their students.

Praktikal's core features include easy creation and management of learning content, sharing materials with colleagues, real-time translation and localization of content, and engaging students in interactive activities. Through the use of advanced AI technology, Praktikal offers outstanding translation quality, opening the platform to a global audience.

Global perspectives and local insights

The day was enriched by the visit of Roomet Sõrmus, the economic attaché of the Estonian embassy, and Christoph Eichhorn, the former ambassador. Their contributions provided deep insights into Estonian practice and highlighted the differences in openness towards digitalization between Germany and Estonia. District Administrator Dirk Neubauer was particularly impressive with his personal experiences from a trip to Estonia, which underlined his enthusiasm for the fast, open and pragmatic approach to digitalization there.

The vision of the telescope effect

As TeleskopEffekt, we strive to bridge the gap between Estonia's advanced digitalization and the needs of companies and society in Central Saxony. The Estonia Day is an example of how we use international partnerships to promote innovation and knowledge transfer. Our goal is to inspire and empower both regional and international companies and educational institutions to actively shape the digital transformation.

Evening event: District Administrator Dirk Neubauer in focus

A special highlight of the day was the evening event, in which District Administrator Dirk Neubauer reported on his inspiring trip to Estonia in October 2023. His vivid accounts of the speed, openness and pragmatic approach of Estonians to digitalization clearly showed how much this experience has shaped him. Dirk Neubauer's motivation to carry these insights into his work and the Central Saxony region is a vivid example of the transformative power of international experience. His announcement that he will be traveling to Tallinn again underlines his commitment to continuously learning and using the knowledge he has gained to shape the future.

Invitation to a voyage of discovery

To further advance this vision, we cordially invite you to participate in our upcoming trip to e-Estonia. This trip offers a unique opportunity to experience Estonia as a pioneer of digitalization first-hand. Together with District Administrator Dirk Neubauer, who will share his enthusiasm and insights, we will explore how Estonia is shaping its digital future. Find out more and register at: e-Estonia: Discover - A journey to the digitalization pioneer.


The "Estonia Day" at Werkbank32 was a milestone in our efforts to drive forward the digital transformation in Central Saxony. Through the exchange with our Estonian partners and friends, we gained valuable insights and inspiration that motivate us to continue on the path of innovation and knowledge exchange. We look forward to continuing this journey and invite all interested parties to join us in shaping the future together.

Best regards,

Tanja Speck and the TeleskopEffekt team