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We in Silicon Valley!

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TeleskopEffekt GmbH is a company that is actively committed to learning and broadening horizons. That's why our managing directors Dr. Benjamin Zeitler and Prof. Alexander Knauer, together with Volksbank Mittweida eG, Prof. Leonhard Zintl, and the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, made their way to Silicon Valley to gain valuable insights as part of the Silicon Valley Program. At the Santa Clara University a series of lectures was attended, which began with a keynote speech by Ronald Weissman on the current investment landscape and the culture of Silicon Valley ended.

Another item on the program was the Visit to the site of the German Accelerator Program in Palo Alto - a program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy that helps German start-ups and companies to scale their businesses in international markets and offers support in the form of mentoring, network building and office infrastructure. There, the group met Hedi Razavi PhDto talk about their work in supporting start-ups from Mittweida - including Cinector GmbH and teams from Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. A variety of experts also shared how Michelle Yi and Joshua Amranitheir knowledge of relational AI, but also of worthwhile investments in innovative start-ups.

Anthony C. Okoro and Jens Christoph Parker shared on the eBay Campus their experience of innovation work in a corporate. Our key learning: Similar methodology to ours! Anthony's key point: "Kill the little pets" - you have to be able to detach yourself from innovation projects. Peter Leroe-Muñoz, Esq. showed us the success factors in Silicon Valley and emphasized the close interaction between society, politics and companies. With his Silicon Valley School, he has a strong network and connects people and ideas. With Shashank Saggar we had a great innovation sprint.

The visit of the world leader in innovation - Intel Corporation with Kern Peng - provided deep insights into Intel's success story. The large investments in Germany show that Intel continues to focus on Europe, and the NVIDIA headquarters in Silicon Valley was also impressive! It breathed the spirit of the area and our host, Bernhard Gleissnergave us an insight into his earlier contribution to the global success of NVIDIA. As a North Upper Palatinate native, he showed us that we can have a positive impact on the world. His speech was incredibly inspiring and passionate!

On the last day were finally allowed to use our participating startups pitch in front of a high-ranking VC round. It is pleasing to see the high quality of the pitches from the # start-ups and this shows how valuable the Silicon Valley program of the BITZ Oberscheiding is.

The trip to Silicon Valley and the in-depth insights gained during the trip enable us, TeleskopEffekt GmbHtogether with our new partners, the Bavarian Innovation Transformation Center (BITZ), Oberschneiding, Deggendorf Institute of Technology and Santa Clara University, companies from the Mittweida region and pave the way for them to Silicon Valley through the Silicon Valley School program.