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vor 1 year | from admin
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What skills do we need when dealing with artificial intelligence systems? What skills should we equip our teams with in order to be able to use AI systems to their full potential and enjoy using them?

The skill mix

Even if you are not a technician, there are some skills that can be helpful when dealing with AI. In our opinion, a mix of the following skills is important:

An example of the skill mix

Suppose you work for a company that uses AI to recommend products to customers. As a non-technical person, your job could be to evaluate the quality of the AI system and its recommendations. What are your skills then?

Questions about handling the AI

When it comes to dealing with AI solutions, there are some important questions you should ask an AI system to ensure its efficiency and reliability. Here are some examples:

Overall, these questions allow you to better understand and evaluate an AI system and ensure its effectiveness and reliability for the task at hand.

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