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Experience blog1: Israeli innovation culture

vor 1 year | from admin
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Innovation is the key to success in today's digital age. Israel has established itself as a leading innovation hub. With a unique culture that combines risk-taking, creativity, collaboration, entrepreneurial thinking and an affinity for technology, Israel has spawned numerous innovative startups and attracted billions in investment to the tech industry. We had the opportunity to experience the country's unique culture of innovation first-hand on the Saxon Regional Ministry's delegation trip to Israel. In this experience blog post, we share our impressions and experiences with you and show how German companies can learn from Israel's success story and drive innovation in their own organization.

Facts, figures and data

Cornerstone of Israeli innovation culture

Willingness to take risks: Israeli companies have a high tolerance for risk and are willing to try out new ideas and technologies, even if they are not sure whether they will be successful. There is a high tolerance for mistakes and failure is often seen as an opportunity for further development. A good example of the willingness to take risks in Israel is the high-tech sector. A well-known example of this is the Israeli company Mobileye, which has developed a revolutionary technology for recognizing obstacles and traffic signs for autonomous vehicles and is successful worldwide. (Forbes 2023 / World Economic Forum 2019)

Creativity: Israeli culture fosters creativity and encourages people to pursue new and unconventional approaches. Israeli creativity can be seen in various areas, such as art, architecture and film, but also in the field of technology. One example of this is the development platform, which enables users to create their own websites quickly and easily. The company focuses on creative and user-friendly design and has thus developed into a globally successful company.

Cooperation and teamwork: Israeli culture encourages the exchange of ideas and the collaboration of different disciplines and talents. One example of cooperation in Israel is the collaboration between companies, universities and research institutions. For example, the Weizmann Institute of Science works closely with companies to develop innovative technologies and products. (Forbes 2020 / Harvard Business Review 2014)

Entrepreneurial thinking and implementation of ideas in successful companies: The government and the economy encourage the establishment of new companies and provide support and infrastructure. A well-known example of entrepreneurial thinking in Israel is the company Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, which specializes in the development and production of generic drugs. Teva is now the largest generics company in the world and owes its success in part to the entrepreneurial thinking of its founders. (Dershowitz, Alan 2005)

Affinity for technology: Israel has a strong technology sector and a high affinity for new technologies and innovations. Many Israeli companies focus on research and development and have specialized in innovative technologies. One example of this is Check Point Software Technologies, which specializes in IT security and network security and is successful worldwide. The company relies on innovative technologies and has established itself as a market leader in this field. (Moment Magazine 2023 / Deloitte)

In summary, this means that Israel's culture of innovation is important for the country's success in the field of technology and digitalization. German companies can learn from this culture and strengthen their own innovative power by applying principles such as creativity, risk-taking, collaboration and technology affinity. The delegation trip to Israel was a great opportunity to get to know this culture better and we are sure that we can use the knowledge gained to foster the spirit of innovation among you.

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