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Delegation trip to Israel

vor 1 year | from admin
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We were part of the SMR delegation trip to Israel. This gave us the opportunity to get in touch with some of the country's leading innovators, start-ups and researchers and learn about their fascinating projects.

Insides: Innovations from Israel

We were particularly impressed by the work of StartupNation Central. They have set themselves the task of building bridges to Israeli innovators. We also had the pleasure of getting to know the renowned Weizmann Institute and its outstanding research system. As well as the Technion with its approach of multidisciplinary cooperation and the resulting technology transfer.

During the trip, we also learned about the latest developments in the medical field, including the innovative work of the Sheba Medical Center. We were also impressed by Nextenna's communication system and Vayyar's pioneering sensor technologies that can be used in buildings. In addition, UBQ Materials' circular econoym implementations were fascinating.

Inspiration from Israel

Here is a selection of quotes that have particularly inspired us and shown that innovation is not just an idea, but also requires the courage to take risks and act quickly:

Day 1 - "The valley of innovation lies between the PowerPoint presentation and the proof of concept" - ➡ In other words, in which phase do you need the most stamina?

Day 2 - "Boundaries in the mind prevent progress" - ➡ Let's build teams (not only in scientific institutions, but also in operational units) made up of people from different backgrounds.

Day 3 - "Fail fast" - ➡ Don't waste time on projects where failure is predictable.

Day 4 - "Isolation leads to delays" - ➡ Openness and inclusion of the outside world make us faster.

 The Chamber of Foreign Trade as well as the WFS and the IHK Chemnitz made this experience possible with their implementation.

Our conclusion

The trip was an incredible experience and showed us how important the promotion of innovation and technology transfer is for the future of our country. We are excited about the opportunities that arise when we bring together innovative minds, talented researchers, implementation-minded SMEs to work together on the challenges of our time."