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Curriculum for innovation work: Your navigation compass for promoting innovation readiness 🧭

vor 1 month | by Tanja Speck
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A guide for organizational developers and HR managers on their companies' innovation journey

In an era where change is the only constant, the question arises: how can a company not only survive, but thrive? 🌱 The answer lies at the heart of innovation work and its competent management.

The "Curriculum for Innovation Work", inspired by the dissertation of our colleague Julia and the many years of expertise of TeleskopEffekt GmbH, serves as a compass for organizational developers. This guide is more than just a theory; it is a tried and tested approach to promoting innovative strength in companies, confirmed by case studies.

Four essential steps for successful innovation work in the company:

  1. Recognize competencies and identify InnovationLeadUser: Start with an in-depth analysis of your employees' existing skills. Identify innovation leads who act as multipliers (let's call them innovation promoters) in your company - these are not always people who immediately spring to mind. Important: Don't make decisions intuitively or in dialog with a small team - start with an assessment process.
  2. Link training measures with innovation management: Train your innovation promoters (seven months - seven topics). They will shape the innovation work in the company and take the teams with them. Integrate educational initiatives with a focus on tools, process knowledge and didactic approaches. What building blocks do you need? Ask us: We have business educators in our team who will support you in putting together the "InnovationPromoters" educational program.
  3. Give the innovation the label "Simple": Use the insights gained from case studies to create a mindset of simplicity and YES fun (across your teams). We use our kids' methods for this - memory, puzzles, etc. This helps your innovation promoters in their innovation work.
  4. Establish a continuous process: In order for your innovation promoters to work successfully, they need mechanisms that promote regular feedback and iterative improvements.

The "Curriculum for Innovation Work" acts as a guiding star for organizations striving to strategically optimize their innovation climate. It offers practical solutions and promotes a culture of continuous improvement.


In today's fast-paced world, it is essential to stay one step ahead. The Innovation Work curriculum and the InnovationPromoter program can be your guide through the complex terrain of innovation work.

Best regards

Julia Breßler 

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