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A day of cooperation and innovation: Simul+ delegation visit from Pardubice to TeleskopEffekt GmbH

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On January 10, 2024, we had the honor of welcoming a Simul+ delegation from Pardubice, led by Governor Netolicky, to our Werkbank32 in Mittweida. The visit provided an exciting opportunity to strengthen cooperation between our two regions and present our innovation projects.

The day began for the delegation with the departure from Dresden to Mittweida. After a short drive, they arrived at Werkbank32 in Bahnhofstraße 32 in Mittweida at 2:45 pm. There they were warmly welcomed with coffee and cookies to fortify themselves for the exciting afternoon ahead.

The guided tour of Werkbank32 was one of the highlights of the visit. Prof. Dr. Alexander Knauer and Dr. Julia Breßler gave an insight into the vision, creation and construction of this innovation center. The delegation learned more about our content and business areas, with a focus on our innovation ecosystem:

During the coffee break, the conversations intensified and we discussed the MITTmachSOMMER project in detail. This project aims to tackle the current challenges in rural regions, including the exodus of young people, the revitalization of inner cities and the recruitment of skilled workers. According to Governor Netolicky, these are challenges that also exist in his region and solutions are needed. Together with our Czech guests, we exchanged ideas and presented our "new" approach.

After the coffee break, Lord Mayor Ralf Schreiber and Rector Prof. Dr. Volker Tolkmitt welcomed the guests on behalf of the city of Mittweida and Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.

The afternoon continued with the presentation of our simul+ model projects. Prof. Dr. Volker Tolkmitt presented the simul+ model project Telewerk. Ernst-Eckart Schulze from Fraunhofer IVI Dresden spoke to the guests about the simul+ model project Amsel and Dirk Liebers from Saxeed talked about the start-up initiative.

The delegation visit was a great opportunity to strengthen our collaboration and present our innovation projects. We look forward to future collaborations and more exciting projects in 2024 - stay tuned!

Many thanks to everyone involved for this inspiring day of collaboration and innovation.

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