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ZAM eG is part of the Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken cooperative financial group, but operates independently and also offers its services to banks outside the cooperative financial group. It currently concentrates mainly on managing the central IT service provider Atruvia AG. It is planned to add further (IT) service providers in the coming months.

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ZAM eG offers its members and customers a wide range of outsourcing management services. It creates the optimal framework conditions, takes on tasks and provides a modern central outsourcing register. ZAM eG stands for efficiency, innovation and excellent service. It strengthens the cooperation of its members by pooling resources and achieving cost efficiency. In 2020, the year it was founded, it was already working on behalf of over 700 cooperative banks. As a young company with almost 200 years of cooperative tradition, they offer values and innovation in perfect harmony.


Solidarity, subsidiarity, co-determination, transparency, partnership and honesty are cooperative values that are deeply rooted in the history of the organization. Today, the aim is to harmonize these values with modern social, environmental and economic challenges. Sustainability has been established as a fundamental principle of business policy, focusing on areas such as strategy, core business, risk management, environmental responsibility, employees, suppliers, communication, ethics and culture.

Dominik Baumann Managing Director