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TeleskopEffekt welcomes Carsten Maschmeyer to Mittweida

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Carsten Maschmeyer, the successful entrepreneur and star investor from the TV show "Die Höhle des Löwen", heard about Mittweida's innovative strength and came to see it for himself on May 31, 2023. A lot is happening in Mittweida, and this is not going unnoticed beyond the region. Together with the Rector of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Volker Tolkmitt, he dedicated his time to our innovation center, the Werkbank32.

If you ask ChatGPT "Which adjectives describe Carsten Maschmeyer?" you will get a list of the following words: successful, visionary, committed, inspiring, innovative, charismatic, analytical and motivated. And after our meeting, we can confirm that all of these characteristics agree with 100%.

We had the honor and privilege of gaining a brief insight into his experiences and thoughts as an entrepreneur, investor and visionary. It was impressive to learn what fascinates him about startups, why he is and remains optimistic and how he assesses the general situation for startups in Germany. "Right now, we need innovations that make our world and parts of our lives faster, better, more digital, more sustainable and healthier." says Mr. Maschmeyer with a view to the global economy and politics.

He gave an inspiring keynote speech at the networking event "The Grow", which took place at the same time in our Werkbank32 and was aimed at founders and investors. Maschmeyer gave founders and investors what it takes to build a successful business, because for him, founding means: "founding means funding, recruiting, selling and leading the company". Among other things, founders need "a strong mentality with revolutionary courage and perseverance, especially after setbacks."

He exchanged experiences, perspectives and expertise with our Managing Directors of TeleskopEffekt Dr. Benjamin Zeitler, Prof. Alexander Knauer, Dominik Baumann and the Board of Directors of Volksbank Mittweida Prof. Leonhard Zintl. It became clear in this professional discussion that ultimately it is not where an idea originates, but how and what you do with it. It is the people who have the need for innovation and who make the difference.

He was given an insight into our innovative work as the operator of Werkbank32, how we project and support digitalization and change in the world of work in the banking sector, SMEs and at municipal level with extensive expertise. We talked about current topics and projects, from the Mittweida blockchain showcase region to the Silicon Valley program and the future of the regional bank. This created a basis for future opportunities and further cooperation in the region.

With our Bitcoin snack vending machine, we made a final impression on Mr. Maschmeyer. He was so impressed by the simple and innovative application that he spontaneously bought a chocolate bar from it.

Mittweida is definitely a city that is on the radar of innovation and capable of providing significant impetus. And we as TeleskopEffekt will continue to do everything we can to promote great potential for future developments.