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Focusing on experiences - shaping digital transformation

vor 1 year | from admin
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The digital transformation is associated with a variety of Opportunities and challenges for you - as an entrepreneur, as an administration, as a citizen. New information and communication services can bridge physical distances, overcome location-related hurdles and help in day-to-day work. In the best-case scenario, we gain employees, streamline our processes, increase our customer satisfaction or create a more efficient supply chain.

Digitalization can therefore achieve a lot and the promises are great. Of course, this presents us with challenges: Where to start? How to start? Which topic should I tackle first?

Digitization map as a tool

You are not alone with these questions. One Digitization map helps to answer the questions for your company, for you.

The digitalization map makes it very clear what the digital target image should look like in order to reach employees, customers and suppliers.

Questions such as: "What do I want to do for my supplier relationship?" or "What can I offer my customer in terms of digitalization that other companies cannot?" are clearly highlighted and addressed accordingly. In addition to external customer impact, it is also important to take internal stakeholders, the employees, along on the digital journey and to inspire them. This is the only way to ensure successful innovation and digitalization.

Sustainable impact of the digitalization map

How does the development of a digitalization map work? The status quo is determined together and goals are set. Target group-oriented communication provides participants with methods for successfully passing on inspiration and consolidating goals. Positive emotions are addressed and the necessary motivation is jointly provided to implement the newly developed digitalization map.

This noticeably reduces the uncertainty surrounding future technologies and offers the respective team exciting new opportunities. Future prospects opened.

Is the digitization map something for you?

Do any of these statements apply to you?

o We use digital services, programs, tools (e.g. website, cloud).

o We actively use digital tools and services at least once a week (e.g. operating an online store, scanning receipts)

o Our digital services, programs and tools are interconnected (e.g. the web store with the accounting system, CRM system with the appointment calendar).

o We have automated processes in our company (e.g. several work steps have been combined into one work step).

o We receive a lot of information through the use of digital services (e.g. about our customers, suppliers, purchasing behavior).

o We evaluate the data that we receive through digital services.

Regardless of how far you are with the use of new technologies and digital services, the digitalization map provides support - either to paint a holistic picture or as a starting point for the next stage of digitalization.

Who is behind the digitization map?

With the merger of Nortal GmbH and Schütze AG, Nortal AG was established in Germany in 2020. The Nortal Group is a multinational strategy and technology consulting company with its origins in the digital country of Estonia. Nortal's vision is to build a seamless society. To achieve this, they combine their experience from the digital transformation of Northern European countries and shaping technological change in companies with a strategic approach and data-driven technology.

Since 2021, they have been part of our Innovation ecosystems and together we are implementing this digitalization map for our customers from cooperative banks, savings banks and SMEs, administrations.

Your way to the digitization map

Would you like to draw your own digitalization map? Feel free to contact us. We are at your complete disposal at any time.

Please register by e-mail Dr. Benjamin Zeitler.