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Our new partner: Sazinc GmbH - The path to the digital future 

vor 8 months | from admin
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Our new partner: Sazinc GmbH - The path to the digital future 

Since 01.09.2023 we are allowed to use the Sazinc GmbH as a new partner and integral part of our ecosystem welcome! We can hardly wait to explore the digital horizons together. 

Sazinc GmbH - pioneers in digital marketing 

Sazinc GmbH has established itself as a full-service agency for digital marketing in the heart of the historic Schönherrfabrik in Chemnitz. Their mission? The digitalization of companies, regardless of their size or status - be it an ambitious start-up, an established medium-sized company or a global corporation. The passion that drives the Sazinc team is infectious and impressive. 

Behind the scenes 

At the heart of this up-and-coming agency is a dedicated team of creative minds, deeply rooted in the digital era and passionate about driving the future of digital communication. At the head of this team is Pierre Graupner, the agency's Managing Director, with extensive experience in online marketing and a successful role as an influencer. 

The Sazinc unique selling point: full service 

Sazinc's unmistakable unique selling point is undoubtedly its full-service offering. Customers receive not only services, but also comprehensive in-house support that covers the entire process from brainstorming and strategic planning to the development of customized platforms, first-class websites and individual content. This full-service offering is the key to digital existence and sets Sazinc apart as an outstanding provider in the industry. 

Unique skills 

Sazinc GmbH offers a wide range of digital marketing services that appeal to companies in both the B2B and B2C sectors. These include the design and strengthening of brand identities, the development of digital networks, the strategic staging of social media campaigns, performance marketing, influencer marketing and the creation of high-quality content in various formats. 

Success stories 

Sazinc GmbH can point to an impressive collection of success stories and projects that underline its extensive expertise. These include projects such as the BE.SAFE Corona app, the successful market launch of the Audi e-tron, support for Lotto Sachsen and other numerous social media, e-commerce and recruiting campaigns that have strengthened companies in the long term or helped them to change their image accordingly. 

Our partnership: a door to new opportunities 

The partnership with Sazinc GmbH opens up exciting opportunities. We benefit from first-class expertise in the B2B and B2C segment, an extensive network, experienced content creators and the opportunity to integrate funding in the area of digitalization. Together, we are shaping the digital future and taking companies to the next level of digital marketing. 

We welcome Sazinc GmbH to our unique Ecosystem and we look forward to a successful collaboration. 

For questions, ideas and exchanges, we are happy to act as intermediaries as well as drivers of innovation and build the appropriate bridges! Feel free to contact us! 

Melanie Kögler and her TeleskopEffekt team