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Innovation and commitment - a look back at the GENOvation Days 2023

vor 8 months | from admin
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GENOvation Days 2023 in Berlin was more than just an event; it was a celebration of innovation and community engagement in the Cooperative Financial Network (GFG). As a guest speaker, Dominik Baumann had the opportunity to share our vision and strategies for innovation and discuss the importance of being proactive in this area.

Power statement: "Are we investing enough in innovation?"

Dominik Baumann's power statement focused on one central question: "Are we investing enough in innovation as the GFG Group?" The answer is extensive, as it concerns not only financial investments, but also the creation of resources and the establishment of a corporate culture that promotes innovation.

The role of the innovation strategy

It should be emphasized that an effective innovation strategy must go beyond pure capital investment. It is about creating a culture in which employees are encouraged to contribute innovative ideas. It is also crucial to implement processes that extend from idea generation to implementation and to appoint innovation officers in the banks.

Partnerships are key

The importance of external partnerships was also emphasized. Collaborating with external experts and organizations can bring fresh perspectives and expertise, which is essential for the growth and diversification of our innovation efforts.


Special thanks go to the speakers and organizers, especially to the Federal Association of German Cooperative Banks (BVR) and the ]FIT[-Team for the excellent organization.

A call to action

Innovation is not just an option, it is a necessity for the future of the GFG. Together, we must ensure that we invest in the future, promote innovation in the financial sector and form strong partnerships. Let's be bold, committed and successful together! To this end, we have a service module that can provide you with excellent support in this implementation: EffectTag Innovation strategy.

The GENOvation Days were living proof that we as a community are capable of driving great change. I look forward to working with all of you towards an even brighter and more innovative future.