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FutureSAX Founders Forum II - An insight into the world of financing 

vor 1 year | from admin
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Keynotes and panels provide founders with valuable learnings 

On March 2, 2023, the FutureSAX Founders Forum II took place in the Löwensaal in Dresden, which was dedicated entirely to the financing of start-ups. I had the great pleasure of attending as a spectator and took away valuable learnings. In this article, I would like to share my impressions and experiences with you. 


Keynote speech by Dr. Daniel Berndt: 

The event started with a keynote speech by Dr. Daniel Berndt, who has already completed a reverse IPO with his company niiio finance group. His speech revolved around the four T's: Traction, Team, Timing and Tech. He emphasized that it is important for founders to have a goal in mind and not give up too quickly. Growth is not a sprint, but a marathon and you should always keep an eye on financing. This keynote was a valuable impulse to give the founders a perspective and to show that it is not always easy, but that you should always focus on the goal. 

Panel 1 - Equity vs. debt capital: 

This panel discussed the question of which financing option best suits the company's own business model. Important aspects were addressed here, such as the importance of early feedback from capital providers and the possibility of using project business with customers as financing. It was also emphasized how important it is for founders to have carefully thought through their financial planning and business plan in order to achieve successful financing. 

Panel 2 Crowdinvesting, Accelerator and Funding: 

In the second panel, various financing options such as crowdinvesting, accelerators and funding were discussed. It was emphasized here that with crowdinvesting, the focus should be on the idea rather than the business plan. This can generate a lot of attention, but the marketing effort should not be underestimated. When looking for investors, you should be aware that they may often have no idea about the product, which is why a "no" from the investor can also be normal. It was also emphasized that you should make use of the advisory support available in order to receive financial support. 

The next generation is also in the starting blocks: 

Following the panels, a number of start-ups supported by FutureSAX presented themselves. Here you could experience the next generation up close and see that the start-up world is lively and future-oriented. 


The FutureSAX Founders Forum II showed how important it is for founders to deal with financing at an early stage and to find out about the various options. Important learnings were that growth is not a sprint and that founders should have a goal in mind. It was also emphasized how important it is to obtain feedback from investors and to carefully consider your own financial planning and business plan. The panels also showed that the choice of financing form depends on the business model and that there are various ways to obtain financial support. The young talent also showed that the start-up world is lively and future-oriented. 

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Overall, the FutureSAX Founders Forum II was a successful event that provided valuable insights into the financing world of start-ups.