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Smart AI and data science solutions for financial companies.
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We present the new joint venture of Volksbank Mittweida eG together with other Volksbanks and Samhammer AG.

With the Use of artificial intelligence (AI) German banks still have some catching up to do. Processes transformed by AI can be partially via 80% be made more efficient. Banksthat make systematic and strategic use of artificial intelligence will therefore be ahead of the other institutes in terms of Customer satisfaction and Cost efficiency be ahead. 

The Fingentia GmbH wants to work with individual and smart data science and AI solutions, combined with banking know-howhelp financial companies to digital transformation successfully. 

Fingentia stands for the conception, development and operation of End-to-end solutions and contributes comprehensive project management, technical and domain expertise to projects. From the Implementation of individual solutions or the provision of established use cases as AI-as-a-service models offers Fingentia the complete range of AI and data science solutions and also enables your customers to use the AI/data science platform independently. 

Become a digital summiteer with Fingentia! 

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