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Experience blog2: Business models made in Israel

vor 1 year | from admin
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During the delegation trip of the Saxon regional ministry to Israel, we were able to experience how Israeli companies work and the innovations they produce. We saw first-hand how Israeli companies use their ability to take risks and act quickly to develop innovative products and services that are geared towards the needs of customers.

Israeli companies are characterized by a variety of features and business models.

Typical features of Israeli business models

Technology orientation: Israeli companies are known for their technology-oriented business models, particularly in the areas of cybersecurity, biotechnology, medical technology and IT. Many Israeli companies are active in the field of research and development and often have innovative technologies and patents.

Focus on exports: Due to the small size of the domestic market, Israeli companies often concentrate on exporting their products and services. The focus is often on markets in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Strong start-up scene: Israel has a thriving start-up scene and many successful companies were founded by young, innovative entrepreneurs. The Israeli government actively supports the start-up scene through various initiatives and funding programs.

Cooperation with large companies: Many Israeli start-ups cooperate with larger companies to market their technologies and products. This can help to facilitate market access and open up new customer groups.

Willingness to take risks: Israeli companies are often prepared to take risks and implement innovative ideas. There is a high tolerance for mistakes and failure is often seen as an opportunity for further development.

What does a typical business model canvas look like?

By engaging with Israeli business models, we can gain valuable insights to improve our own business processes. The experience of Israeli companies in the areas of technology, customer loyalty and effective problem solving can help German companies to increase their competitiveness and succeed in a globalized economy.

We support banks, SMEs and start-ups in business model development and business model innovation. The experience we have gained directly in Israel is incorporated into our support.