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apiMatch - automated corporate client investment

vor 1 year | from admin
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With apiMatch, corporate client advisors can concentrate on the essentials and save time on the tedious process of setting up clients, as it offers a..:

In today's world, it is more important than ever to have efficient customer service processes. Tedious and time-consuming processes can not only lead to frustration among employees, but also to a waste of resources and ultimately to a loss of customers. To optimize this process, apiMatch was developed as a solution that simplifies and speeds up the customer care process.

apiMatch offers a wide range of benefits that increase process efficiency, improve real-time processing, enhance data quality and provide end-to-end visibility. The system uses market standards to utilize APIs and define bank-specific default values. It automates data creation and archiving, which leads to increased data quality and reduced paperwork.

But how did apiMatch come about?

Volksbank Mittweida eG wanted to use automation and technical innovations and gained initial experience with APIs in the legitimization of natural persons. Subsequently, further follow-up processes were considered in order to be able to use the API for the creation of legal entities as well. Until now, the creation of legal entities has always involved a lot of manual processes and time. The aim was to increase process efficiency and data quality.

apiMatch was implemented together with a long-standing partner of Volksbank Mittweida. In the current expansion stage, apiMatch is being used in the corporate customer system and is receiving positive feedback from advisors, with time savings already clearly noticeable today.

Overall, apiMatch is an excellent solution for banks that want efficient and cost-effective customer service. The benefits of apiMatch are not only time and resource savings, but also increased customer satisfaction and data quality.

How does apiMatch work? When a customer makes an appointment with an employee, the employee can make an appointment with just Perform a live search with one click and retrieve all relevant data from SCHUFA. They can then simply view the register documents and select the business segment. The system automatically creates the customer and archives the documents.

Thanks to apiMatch, customer installations can be carried out in compliance with the AMLA right from the first appointment and data quality can be increased. This saves time and increases customer satisfaction. The customer no longer needs any documents, which leads to a better customer experience.

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