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An inspiring Learning Journey to Tallinn, Estonia - from October 09 to 11, 2023

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The Baltic jewel Estonia has made a name for itself as a digital pioneer in recent years. From digital identity to e-governance, Estonia has produced a wealth of innovations that are attracting attention around the world. But what does it look like to experience these innovations first-hand? A group from Central Saxony and the surrounding area had the opportunity to find out with us on our Learning Journey to Tallinn from October 9 to 11, 2023.

The trip began on October 9, when our group landed in Tallinn. Among the participants was the District Administrator of the district of Central Saxony, Mr. Dirk Neubauer. The program promised an exciting mix of presentations, discussions and company visits to experience Estonia's digital success story first-hand.

Day 1: Immerse yourself in Estonia's digital world

On the first day, an informative "Program Discussion & Briefing Estonia: Country and People" was on the agenda. Here the participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts such as Tarmo Mutso, Head of the Tallinn German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce office, and Thomas Schneider, Teleskopeffekt's Estonia partner.

After a stimulating working lunch at Restaurant Härg, where the culinary delights of Estonia were not neglected, the group was ready to immerse themselves in the world of e-Estonia.

Day 2: E-Governance and Innovative Education

The second day started with a presentation and discussion on "The e-Estonia Digital Universe" at the e-Estonia Briefing Center. Carmen Raal, Digital Transformation Adviser of the e-Estonia Briefing Center, shared insights into Estonia's digital success story.

The group also visited St. Johann Middle School, where they had the opportunity to meet the principal Oleg Shvaikovsky and Omari Loid, the managing director of Praktikal Education OÜ, and discuss everyday digital learning.

After lunch at the Freya restaurant, where they were inspired by the Estonian innovative power of Skeleton Technologies, the participants immersed themselves in the world of "e-society". Marki Tihhonova-Kreek from Nortal Group AS explained the concepts behind Estonia's advanced digital society.

The day ended with a fascinating visit to KODA Tiny Lofts, where Ulle Penjam, Client Relations Manager of KODASEMA OÜ, presented the future of living.

Day 3: Economic relations and wood industry innovations

On the third and final day, the morning began with a meeting at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Tallinn. Here, embassy counselor Mario Sauder discussed German-Estonian economic relations and the possibilities for future cooperation.

The highlight of the trip was the presentation by AnnaGreta Tsahkna, co-founder and CEO of Timbeter OÜ. Timbeter is revolutionizing the value chain in the wood industry through digital innovations.

Conclusion: Inspired and full of ideas

The Learning Journey to Tallinn, Estonia, was undoubtedly a complete success. The participants returned to Germany inspired by Estonia's digital achievements and innovations. They brought back ideas and new impulses that they can incorporate into their professional and personal projects.

The good news is that we are already planning two more delegation groups to Estonia in 2024. If you are interested in joining these exciting trips, please feel free to contact Tanja Speck. Estonia may be small, but it undoubtedly has a big digital story to tell, and you could be the next to be part of this exciting journey. Estonia, the digital wonderland, awaits you!