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An inspiring KickStart 2024! 

vor 6 months | from admin
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Many thanks to all participants for their enthusiastic participation in KickStart 2024! This event was not just a collection of presentations, but a firework of inspiration that focused on courage, visions for the future and innovative ideas. Your presence made this event special.  

Unforgettable moments and inspiring insights: 

Christian Buchholz - Looking ahead to the year 2024: 

Christian Buchholz has inspired us with his exciting outlook for the year 2024. His presentation of the opportunities that lie ahead encouraged us to look to the future with confidence. 

Dr. Benjamin Zeitler - The power of implementation: 

Dr. Benjamin Zeitler took us into the world of the power of implementation and impressively demonstrated how ideas can become reality. His contribution motivated us to turn dreams into reality. 

Dr. Julia Breßler - The secrets of innovative strength: 

Dr. Julia Breßler revealed the secrets of innovation and how it can enrich our thoughts and actions. Her insights provided valuable impetus for creative thinking and action. 

Prof. Dr. Alexander Knauer - Shaping the future: 

Prof. Dr. Alexander Knauer shed light on the power of the future and showed us how we can actively participate in shaping the world of tomorrow. His perspectives opened up new horizons. 

Prof. Leonhard Zintl - Pressure as a motor for change: 

Prof. Leonhard Zintl convinced us that pressure can actually lead to change and how we can use it to our advantage. His insights were inspiring and encouraging. 

Experiences that connect: 

The success stories of René Linek, Maximilian von Geyr and Pierre Graupner, three renowned entrepreneurs, provided valuable perspectives on the use of new technologies and methods. They are proof that courage and innovation go hand in hand and can lead to extraordinary success. 

Moderation that inspires: 

Many thanks also go to our moderator Tina Teucher, who not only led us through the program with aplomb, but also gave us exciting insights into the 'Generation Restoration' project and the next phase of the MutOffensive. Her moderation made the event even more captivating. 

More courage in the new year with the courage offensive!  

Participants in Kickstart 24 have not only gained insights into forward-looking topics, but have also been empowered to become courageous themselves. The tools of the MutOffensive project are focused on offering concrete approaches for a motivating and courageous year. 

We are convinced that this event not only provided a unique opportunity to explore the trending topics of 2024, but also encouraged us to face challenges without fear and discover new horizons together. Meet like-minded people, network and let's look boldly into the future together! 

So please take a look at the MutOffensive YouTube channel and take part in the Lunch & Learn #MutOffensive - A compass in times of opportunity on 29.02.2024.

Stay brave!