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Prof. Alexander Knauer

#ErkenntnisNavigator - Exploring the uncharted waters of innovation with a clear eye and mind

Prof. Alexander Knauer

In addition to his role as Managing Director of TeleskopEffekt GmbH, Alexander is also a visionary #WideViewWizard. With his unerring instinct for trends and innovations in the digital age, he is always navigating the company towards the future. His far-reaching view of what is to come enables TeleskopEffekt GmbH to always be one step ahead and to continue to develop.

As #PerfectionistPathfinder Alexander has a love of detail and a thirst for knowledge. He never misses an opportunity to expand his extensive knowledge and put it into practice. This passion for perfection and precision makes him an indispensable guiding star in quality assurance and project implementation. His precise and methodical way of working leads to outstanding results and sets standards within the company.

As #KnowledgeNavigator Alexander explores the uncharted waters of innovation with a clear eye and mind. SAn analytical mind and his clever decision-making are the foundations of his success and the success of the company. His ability to grasp complex issues quickly and translate them into clear strategies inspires the team and makes a significant contribution to overall success.

In addition to his role as Managing Director, Alexander is responsible for the Startup area of the telescope effect and brings his expertise as Professor for Digital Business & E-Entrepreneurship at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. His commitment to investment management and his deep understanding of start-ups and trends make him a valuable mentor and guide for up-and-coming companies and innovations. Alexander's vision, wisdom and perfectionism not only characterize the culture of TeleskopEffekt GmbH, but also the dynamic development of the company in the field of digital transformation.