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Manuela request

#WorkbenchWunderfrau - Master of organization and hospitality in the workbench32

Manuela request

Manuela Antrag - the tireless workbench32 manager at TeleskopEffekt GmbH - is the indispensable control center that keeps the pulsating heart of the innovation forge running. As a # workbench wonder woman, she has mastered the art of perfect space utilization and organization, ensures optimal design of the creative space and guarantees that every corner of the workbench32 speaks for innovation and creativity.

With the title of the #VeventVirtuoso Manuela is the driving force behind the seamless execution of all events. ITheir ability to plan and coordinate every detail, from the interior design to the catering, makes every event a complete success. Her expertise and organizational talent ensure that every meeting at Werkbank32 not only runs smoothly, but also inspires.

As #SupportSuperheroine Manuela is the support for everyone at Werkbank32. She provides tireless support, be it with administrative tasks, room bookings or personal assistance. Her ability to manage everything in the background while being a friendly and dedicated contact person for tenants and team members makes her an indispensable pillar of Werkbank32.

Manuela is the organizational backbone of the workbench32responsible for building management, coordinating room bookings and assisting in the preparation of events. Her role is crucial in creating an environment that fosters innovation and creativity by ensuring that all logistical and organizational needs are met. With her tireless energy, dedication and ability to manage the diverse demands of a vibrant innovation center, Manuela Antrag is the irreplaceable force that establishes Werkbank32 as the center of innovation and creativity