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Dr. Benjamin Zeitler

1TP6VertriebsVirtuose - With the charm of a politician and the heart of a team player

Dr. Benjamin Zeitler

Benjamin is the Managing Director of TeleskopEffekt GmbH and embodies the driving force and beating heart of the company. As #RhetoricKnight he shines with his ability to deliver gripping and inspiring speeches at all times - whether off the cuff or carefully prepared. His words move, motivate and show the way, always with the aim of moving the team forward and keeping the projects on course for success.

As #SalesVirtuoso Benjamin combines charming persuasiveness with the skill of a politician and the The heart of a team player. This unique combination makes him not only an effective managing director, but also a valued partner for customers and business partners. His tireless commitment and focus on performance are always geared towards achieving the greatest possible success for the team and the company.

After work, Benjamin transforms into the #EveningPhilosopherwho firmly believes is convinced that the best ideas are born in an atmosphere of conviviality and open exchange. He actively lives this philosophy by creating encounters that allow the team to meet not just as colleagues, but as friends. These moments of coming together and laughing together strengthen the team spirit and create an exceptional working atmosphere.

Benjamin is a true all-rounder who leads TeleskopEffekt GmbH with foresight and passion. His management style is characterized by openness, commitment and a deep connection to the team and the common goals. As an outstanding boss, he always maintains an overview, steers projects unerringly to success and ensures that TeleskopEffekt GmbH remains a pioneer in terms of innovation and sustainable growth.