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Sustainability management

Sustainability is not just a trend - it is a fundamental change that will lead banks into the future

Sustainability management

Sustainability is not just a trend - it is a fundamental change that will lead banks into the future

Shaping the future with sustainability

Discover how sustainability is transforming banking and opening up new opportunities.

At a time when the urgency of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is increasing, we offer banks and their corporate clients pioneering tools and training to integrate sustainability principles.

In cooperation with the Terra Institute, a leading competence center for sustainability and innovation, we ensure that your bank not only meets regulatory requirements, but also plays a pioneering role in the sustainable transformation of the financial sector.


ESG tools from Terra Institute: Unlock the full potential of ESG criteria for your bank and your corporate clients with customized tools.


Corporate customer advisor training: Strengthen your advisors' awareness and knowledge of sustainability in order to provide customers with competent support.


Sustainability effect day for bank customer advisors: Deepen your understanding of sustainable financial products and strategies through interactive workshops.


Event "What makes sustainability tick": Gain insights into modern corporate management and learn how real sustainability creates positive impact

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ESG Tools

Discover the power of sustainability with the Terra Institute's ESG tools

Your key to a sustainable transformation in the financial sector. At a time when sustainability is becoming increasingly important, not only because of ethical responsibility but also because of regulatory necessity, we offer you the opportunity to lead your company and your clients on the path to a sustainable future through targeted training.

Why sustainability training is essential for your company:

Sustainability is no longer an optional extra, but a central component of modern corporate management. Terra Institute's ESG training courses equip you and your team with the knowledge and tools you need to tackle the environmental, social and governance challenges of our time. From improving your company's environmental resilience to promoting social justice and implementing transparent and ethical business practices, these trainings provide a comprehensive insight into the three pillars of sustainability.

What you win:
  • In-depth understanding of environmental, social and governance (ESG): Learn how to measure and improve your company's sustainability performance.
  • Practical application examples: Find out how you can effectively implement sustainability principles in your company and contribute to increasing your business success.
  • Risk management and compliance: Understand how to meet regulatory requirements and optimize your risk management with the right sustainability strategies.
  • Increase attractiveness as an employer: Position your company as an attractive employer that is actively committed to sustainability and attract talented employees.

Workshop details:

The ESG training courses are offered as interactive workshops that can be delivered both online and on-site at the workbench32 or at your company. Each training is specifically designed to provide practical solutions and strategies for the sustainability challenges facing banks and their corporate clients today.

Click now to find out more about our ESG training courses and how you can join us in shaping the path to a sustainable future.

Effect day Sustainability Bank customer advisor

Discover the path to sustainable excellence in financial advice

Why is this effect day essential?

Sustainability in investment advice goes far beyond simply offering green products. It's about understanding the context of climate change, communicating authentically and helping clients make decisions to make a positive contribution to climate change. This effect day will give you the tools you need to not only survive, but excel in the changing landscape of financial advice.

What you win:

  • In-depth understanding of sustainable finance
  • Strategic competence: Learn how to group sustainable financial products effectively and what methods are behind them to take customer advice to a new level.
  • Authenticity and persuasiveness: Develop the ability to distinguish between genuine sustainability and greenwashing and pass this knowledge on to your customers in a convincing manner.
  • Recognize new business opportunities: Use sustainability preference queries to identify individual customer needs and offer customized solutions.
Workshop details:

The Effect Day is available as a compact webinar series of 3 x 3 hours or as an intensive full-day workshop, including presentations, films, small group work and a climate scenario simulation. This format not only offers valuable knowledge, but also practical tools and techniques that can be used immediately in customer consulting.


  • Digital format: €4,200.00 net for up to 12 participants.
  • In the workbench 32: € 4,500.00 net including room and technical costs as well as catering.
  • At your location: €4,500.00 net including travel costs within Germany.

Are you ready to redefine your role as a bank client advisor and make a decisive contribution to promoting sustainable financial solutions?

Event - what makes sustainability tick

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainable transformation

At a time when the sustainability and climate problem is presenting us with completely new challenges, a rethink in all areas of the economy and society is essential. This event aims to raise awareness, provide inspiring insights and show how companies can be key drivers of positive change through their innovation and creativity.

Why "Sustainability ticks"? We are at a turning point where traditional ways of thinking and behaving are no longer sufficient to meet the challenges of our time. The event "How sustainability ticks" is more than a seminar; it is a call to action, a guide to modern corporate management that puts sustainability at the center and shows how every company can achieve a real positive impact.

What you win:
  • Deep understanding of sustainability: Gain insights into the fundamental connections between climate issues and corporate responsibility.
  • Realignment of corporate management: Learn how you can establish sustainability as the core of your corporate strategy and become a pioneer in your industry.
  • Practical use cases: Discover how companies are already making a positive contribution today with innovative approaches and creativity.
  • Inspiration and motivation: Let the success stories and vision of our spokesperson Felix Pliester inspire and motivate you to play an active role in shaping change.

The time to act is now. Sign up now and become part of a movement that shows that true corporate sustainability is possible and makes a difference.

Integrating sustainability into the core business of banks is an essential step

Are you ready to start the sustainability transformation in your bank with us and make a real, positive impact?


What does ESG mean and why is it important for banks?

ESG stands for environment, social and governance. These criteria are important for banks as they help to better manage risks, future-proof investments and strengthen the sector's social responsibility.

How can our bank effectively integrate sustainability principles?

By using specific ESG tools and training for employees, you can integrate sustainability principles into your daily workflows and decision-making processes. This starts with the assessment of credit risks through to the development of sustainable investment products.

How can we better advise our customers on sustainability?

By deepening your advisors' knowledge of sustainability through targeted training, you can provide customers with sound information about sustainable financial products and support them in implementing their own sustainability goals

How can I ensure that my bank is not involved in greenwashing?

By introducing transparent and verifiable sustainability measures and regularly reporting on your progress and challenges. Training and the use of recognized ESG tools can help to ensure authenticity

Can sustainability really make a difference in the financial sector?

Yes, by integrating sustainability principles, banks can not only minimize risks and promote innovation, but also achieve a positive social and environmental impact. Sustainability is a decisive factor in ensuring long-term success.

How do we remain competitive as a bank in the area of sustainability? Through

Through continuous education, the use of innovative ESG tools and the active design of sustainable products and services, you as a bank can become a leader in the sustainable transformation and thus secure a competitive advantage.