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X-ROAD - Estonia's blockchain-based data highway

vor 3 years | from admin
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Digitization in the Republic of Estonia is led by one system in particular - the X-Road. This refers to a decentralized exchange system that not only makes the exchange of data between many Estonian databases faster, but also more flexible. Data is stored exactly where it is created. More than 600 companies and over 500 public sector institutions are now networked here. This system is based on blockchain technology.

Every citizen of the Republic can also log into X-Road and view their personal data, such as ID documents or tax returns. The decentralized nature of the system thus not only covers the security aspect - the Estonians have also found a pragmatic way of exchanging data and ensuring data sovereignty.

As you've probably already heard, almost all administrative procedures in Estonia can be completed online with just a few clicks. Only marriage, divorce and real estate transactions require a trip to the authorities. Almost all state administrative services are now carried out via X-Road. Estonians can access them using their citizen card, which is also their ID card, driving license and much more. This not only facilitates countless administrative acts, but also makes them much more convenient - it only takes 5 minutes to complete an income tax return. Personal criminal records can also be viewed in the system. Every day, the edges of the system are improved and fine-tuned, while at the same time more and more new steps are made possible. This network even offers school services for primary school pupils and, in the area of health, e-prescriptions and electronic health records.

We can learn a thing or two from the digitalization pioneer Estonia and its diverse concepts in the area of data exchange and be inspired.

created by: Tim Wende, employee of Volksbank Mittweida eG