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Startup Association on Tour: the Learnings

vor 2 years | from admin
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The Startup Association continues its tour of Germany and made a stop at Kraftwerk Mitte in Dresden on 10.11.2022. As a final conclusion, the Saxon start-up scene met and listened to the impulses of:

Jannis Gilde - he is the project manager of the Startup Association's research department. During his short presentation, he showed statistics from the current "German Startup Monitor 2022". There it was noticeable that the Business climate in the startup scene is falling. Financing rounds have also decreased significantly in the last year. At the same time, there is no time for bad ideas. For example Almost half of the startups belong to the "green economy".

Franziska Teubert - is Managing Director of the Startup Association. She reported on the political framework conditions that can relieve the burden on startupssuch as compatibility with family and employee participation. The Skills shortage is playing an increasingly important role. A third of the teams surveyed describe the Talent management as a central challenge. This figure has doubled in the last two years. There was also positive news that the Share of female founders has risen to over 20%. Of course, we must continue to work on this and promote it. Because in addition to the number of female founders, there is a lack of funding. According to the latest Female Founders Monitor, there are once again enormous differences in growth and financing. On average, male teams receive 9 times as much capital as female teams.

Frank Wolf - President and Co-Founder of staffbase. Asked whether you Start up well in Saxony can - and as you can see - yes and very successful. At staffbase, it was because they believe that it is very easy to live here in Saxony. And also that we don't have any local old economy and that is a reason for us to think big quickly while remaining down-to-earth and authentic. In the case of staffbase, we moved to New York after just 18 months, while our competitor was initially active in Hamburg and did not make the next step. 

To summarize, it was a great event with a lot of exchange and networking character. Through such events, we can further promote the Saxon ecosystem with its different regions. And once again THANKSthat on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Startup Association here in Saxony, the conclusion of the Startup Association On Tour series this year.