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Shaping the future with digital expertise

vor 55 years | from admin
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Quite a few people are convinced that we are living in the age of digitalization. But what does it actually mean to be digitally competent? 

We are constantly confronted with examples, statistics and models of digital skills. 

Digital competence is often described as a combination of high-tech skills with specific complementary skills. Six types of digital skills are listed: technical, quality, risk and security, management and entrepreneurial skills, communication, innovation and emotional intelligence. 

Here it becomes clear that not every employee is or will be fully equipped with every type of digital competence. Essentially, this involves the following questions:

- Which digital skills are needed in which specialist areas?

- Who defines these and who should implement them and how?

- What role does HR play in this?

- What do companies need in order to not only build up digital skills, but to constantly develop them further, and what needs to change in corporate structures?

You will find an answer to this in the  Digital Competence Development Handbook: How companies are preparing for the digital future by Dr. Philipp Ramin. 

We also worked with him in the CourageOffensive Podcast spoken.

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