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Recap Bank innovative day 2022

Top speakers, innovative knowledge impulses on topics from the banking world as well as an exchange of experiences and intensive networking best describe our first-class event Bank innovativ Tag 2022.
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On July 12 and 13, 2022 found the Bank Innovative Day with many innovative impulses and insights from and with partners from our innovation ecosystem. We had the honor of welcoming over 45 decision-makers from the banking world and 25 speakers to the Workbench32 for two exciting and knowledge-rich days.

At the beginning of the highlight event, our Managing Director Dr. Benjamin Zeitler welcomed all guests and introduced our innovation ecosystem and the Werkbank32. Following this, there was no better addition than the knowledge impulse from Jens Osthues (T-Systems MMS) via the Agile mindset as the basis for change. His message was clear: "Methods and tools are visible in day-to-day work but are not very effective on their own. The agile mindset is crucial for changing working methods."

Michael Baldauf from Pegasystems then answered the question "Can I optimize processes end-to-end if I don't have access to the core banking systems?". He has End-to-end digitization with Low code competitive, customer-centric and successful. 

At this point, it was time to Future technologies and megatrends to explain. Prof. Dr. Alexander Knauer made this clear using practical examples and Gartner's hype cycle. This provides a graphical representation of the maturity and acceptance of technologies and applications as well as their potential relevance for solving real business problems and exploiting new opportunities. 

The new opportunities offered by the changes in the world of work for shaping corporate culture were examined by the Future companion Candy Meinunger with the knowledge impulse "Corporate culture in the context of innovation and sustainability" clarified. Subsequently Helen Wrona (IBM) under the motto "Turn the Digital and Sustainability Transformation into Action!" about a mindset change, with the aim of new Business models for a Sustainable future to develop. 

After the top impulses from inspiring speakers on topics such as agility and agile mindset, the use of low code, megatrends and future technologies as well as corporate culture and sustainability opportunities in banks, there was room for questions and discussions as well as a delicious dinner with the well-used opportunity to expand your own network. 

Early the next morning Simon Israel (finstreet.) and Andreas von Usedom (AVURA) with the Automation of banking processes in particular customer communication, and DialogOnline presented. Their impetus set the tone for the day - the use of megatrends and new technologies with a strong customer focus. Next up Jens Fehlhauer and Miriam Blanarsch from Hypoport digital ecosystems from the customer's perspective. 

This was followed by the thematic block on NFTs and crypto with the presentation by Johannes Wirtz (Bird&Bird) to Crypto Assetsfollowed by Axel Quack (Salesforce) via the Opportunities in the NFT sector for financial service providers and from a Live demo for the distribution of a unique tokens from Thomas Otto and Miriam Stareprawo-Hofmann (Volksbank Mittweida). After these varied and exciting knowledge topics, the participants enjoyed a lunch break and exchanged ideas. 

After a refreshing lunch break, the founder and managing director of WechselGott Werner Kräutlein presented how to work with Platform business becomes successful. Tobias Hempfing from Fingentia has Smart AI and data science solutions for greater customer proximity and efficient processes. Following on from this Dennis Scheuer from IBM the Importance of customer service and provided an insight into the future of how excellence can be achieved with Conversational Artificial Intelligence. 

The final knowledge impulse was from Prof. Leonhard Zintl, Member of the Management Board of Volksbank Mittweida. He has inspiring words to conclude the day and to the The beginning of change and Innovations pronounced. Benjamin Zeitler had the honor of closing the Bank Innovativ Day 2022. He chose the date of the Bank innovative day 2023 announced and the Crazy Bird Ticket presented until 31.7.2022. 

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