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Nexxt Mittweida: from good hands into good hands

vor 3 years | from admin
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Business succession in rural areas presents owners and successors with particular challenges.

Did you know that ...

... every third entrepreneur is over 55 years old?

... less than 33 % of all business successions are carried out within the family?

... in the next 4-10 years every fourth craft business will change its boss?

... a company's willingness to invest decreases by 40 percent if the handover is planned for the next two years and the succession is not yet secured? (If the succession is secured, the effect here is positive).

On June 21, 2021, owners, successors and people interested in business succession met for a meet & greet to talk about their experiences. This interactive, digital exchange was organized by Nexxt Mittweida and AURa - two model projects for business succession. The experts gave 4 practical tips for company succession:

1. Learn from others - Look at other company successions and talk to those who have carried them out.

2. Communication is essential - Communication is the most important cornerstone of a successful succession, especially in family-internal handovers, and communication with experts and with those involved is essential.

3. Be brave - take the first step and venture into the unknown.

4. Invest - attractive companies in particular find successors much more quickly.

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