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INSIDE Mittelstand Digital: Digital customer care

vor 3 years | from admin
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10 Excel lists with 150 customer data in 5 different filing locations - and where was the telephone number of Ms. Schmitt, Mr. Meier and TeleskopEffekt GmbH? Mr. Müller, don't you have them?

Who hasn't experienced the search for email addresses, telephone numbers and, in the end, the crunch on the face due to the use of a messenger service with an American server location?

For some time now, we have been working on a project to automate customer care for a small company, where we are addressing precisely this problem. It all started with the question: How can the Excel lists of the different filing locations, the handwritten notes, the countless business cards, the contacts on five different company telephones be brought together? And this led to the next question: Who will do it? And how long will he or she need?

The answer is short: no one does it. No one has the time or budget.

So they needed an automated solution for customer relationship management and customer care. The selection of the various automated tools for customer care based on the needs of the small business was quickly implemented. Testing went well after a few points of friction and the loop back to the selection considerations. The introduction of automated customer care also changed processes and responsibilities within the company. Today, not only can Mr. Müller find the telephone number of Ms. Schmitt, Mr. Meier and TeleskopEffekt GmbH with 3 clicks in 10 seconds, but the management also has a complete overview of all customer contacts, outstanding invoices and so on with just one click.

If you need advice on the subject of automated customer care, please contact us!