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First Estonian company becomes a partner in the workbench32

vor 3 years | from admin
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The digitization professional Nortal will also operate in Mittweida in the future

Volksbank Mittweida is forging ahead with digitalization through its subsidiary Teleskopeffekt. The network with Estonia is an important building block. This country is considered a model country for digitalization in Europe and Mittweida is the bridge to Germany.

Now the players can announce another success. In March, a cooperation agreement was signed between TeleskopEffekt and the Estonian company Nortal AG. This makes Nortal AG the first Estonian partner to become active in the Werkbank32 innovation center. Nortal is a leading digital transformation company with 1,000 experts in 18 offices in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Nortal is particularly committed to the digitalization of public administration.

This partnership is also in light of the imminent opening of the first Estonian showroom in Germany. Based on the Estonian Briefing Center in the capital Tallinn, it will soon be possible to experience Estonia up close in Mittweida. On 5 May 2021, TeleskopEffekt will officially open the exciting event space in Werkbank32 in Mittweida, which offers many haptic opportunities to understand digitization processes more easily and immerse yourself in the digital world of Estonia.

Together with Volksbank Mittweida and Teleskopeffekt, Nortal AG will actively promote digitalization. Nortal will provide its team with a coworking space in Werkbank32 to show a local presence in Mittweida. Nortal and TeleskopEffekt are also planning formats and joint impulses that will optimally accompany everyone on their digitalization journey.

For Werkbank32 and Teleskopeffekt, this is the first successful bridge from Mittweida to Estonia. Further partners are to follow and the players are already in close contact with other Estonian companies. At the same time, they are also accompanying German companies and interested parties on their way to Estonia.

"We are delighted that we are now a point of contact for mutual exchange in Estonia and Germany," says project manager Sonja Hahn-Tomer, underlining the importance of this cooperation agreement. Behrens-Carlsson was also enthusiastic about the partnership: "Together, we will promote the partnership between Estonia and Germany and digitalization from Mittweida."

Nortal AG

Nortal was founded in Estonia in 2000. Nortal has made a significant contribution to transforming Estonia into one of the leading digital societies. Today, Nortal is a leading digital transformation company with 1000 experts in 18 offices across North America, Europe and the Middle East. They help public administrations, leading healthcare organizations and businesses achieve long-term success through sustainable growth, improved efficiency and agility.

For over 20 years, they have also been the service provider for the public sector in Germany. The IT and consulting teams create customized digital solutions for Germany's digital pioneers in the areas of administration, associations, SMEs and healthcare. Among other things, they are known as a trusted partner of the federal administration for the introduction of electronic invoices. In addition, they are market leaders in the provision and implementation of data trustees for the pseudonymization of sensitive data in the healthcare sector.

TeleskopEffekt GmbH TeleskopEffekt is a driver of innovation for banks, SMEs and start-ups. With the Werkbank32 innovation center, it offers this innovation a space and strengthens digitalization and innovation expertise for SMEs and supports start-ups in the market entry phase. Werkbank32 provides space for business model development and creative prototyping and offers an optimal environment for start-ups through experienced mentors and a diverse network. Werkbank32 is operated by TeleskopEffekt GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Volksbank Mittweida. TeleskopEffekt supports banks, SMEs and start-ups in the digitalization process and ensures the sustainable positioning of companies through inspiration, empowerment and business model development.

Contact person: Sonja Hahn-Tomer