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Courage to innovate: the Think Cross offensive

vor 3 years | from admin
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Too little time for innovation? Lack of employee know-how for innovation? Little clear responsibility for innovation? Too much investment required for innovation?

There is an answer for you - dear SMEs: Cross Industry Innovation!

It has been eagerly awaited and is now finally here; you, dear SMEs, have received it in the past few days - the Think Cross courage offensive. We support you when hurdles, barriers and obstacles jeopardize the success of innovation.

In its monitoring report, the BMWi gave reasons why innovation success is not taking hold:

High-performance broadband is not available (43%)

The time required for innovations is too high (40%)

Employees have little innovation know-how (36%)

The capital expenditure is too high (36%)

3 of these 4 reasons are countered by the Think Cross Network through courage for the future, courage for action, courage for good decisions. And through the opportunity to learn from each other!

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