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Corporate client business - seize the opportunity! 

Innovationeers and TeleskopEffekt facilitate joint effect day "Corporate client business - seizing the opportunity"
vor 2 years | from admin
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Innovationeersknown as Experts for the digital transformationand Telescope effectas a subsidiary of Volksbank Mittweida in the area of Efficiency & innovationsnow jointly offer a EffektTag on the topic of "Corporate client business - seize the opportunity!" to.  

Cost pressure, new players and digitalization are Challenges and at the same time Opportunities for the corporate client business. Together we help to identify options for action in the area of conflict between the market, technologies and changing customer expectations.  

Dr. Michael Rundshagen (Innovationeers), Dr. Benjamin Zeitler, Dr. Julia Breßler and Thomas Gröppel (all three from TeleskopEffekt) offer as proven experts in banking Inspiration and concrete approaches Current necessities as an opportunity and actively address them. 

The market is changing with increasing speed, the low-interest phase ultimately requires more and more efficiency in the processes and further sources of income need to be tapped. There is still Potential for innovative products and services available. However, it is not only the business (model) at the banks that is changing, also our corporate clients must adapt to changing conditions and actively approach innovation.

Changes at our customers also sometimes lead to new requirements for the house bank. With this EffectTag we would like to make our contribution to ensuring that you, dear colleagues, are part of a regional bank that fit for the future is. Both Trends (digitization, digital platforms...) as well as the Pandemic forces us to react.

Let us also Actively working on the future.

The target group are the responsible colleagues in the corporate customer business at the local banks.  

Would you like to know more about our EffektTag? Then contact Thomas Gröppel.