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Company succession day 2022

The Nexxt Mittweida project team launched its campaign "Bewegte Nachfolge - Ihr Schaufenster zum Glück. Business succession against the vacancy of interior spaces".
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The Nexxt Mittweida project team started on Germany-wide company succession day his campaign:

Moving succession - your shop window to happiness. Business succession against the vacancy of interior spaces. 

On 21.6.22 at 12:30, the outdoor ambient marketing campaign started with the design of a shop window in Rochlitzer Straße in Mittweida. In doing so, the team drew attention to the vacancies in the city centers and made it clear that the Business succession is one way of preventing business premises from becoming vacant and that everyone can find happiness as an entrepreneur in the shop windows. Citizens were invited to stop by while strolling through the city, take part in a survey on city center revitalization and engage in a casual exchange. 

Why Project Nexxt Mittweida: 

Company succession is one of the most urgent challenges facing German SMEs. In Mittweida, Volksbank Mittweida eG, the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and Teleskopeffekt GmbH (operator of Werkbank32) have teamed up to develop a succession plan with the Project Nexxt Mittweida to find answers and solutions for companies in the region.

Business owners receive support in the search for a suitable successor, in questions relating to the handover process, company valuation and current investment potential, as well as in the process of letting go.

Succession candidates are supported in sharpening their entrepreneurial action, succession planning and in questions of takeover and adaptable technology trends.

Nexxt Mittweida is being funded as a model project until 11/2023 as part of the "Company succession - from practice for practice" initiative by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.