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Solutions in 5 days
vor 2 years | from admin
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There are numerous ways to find, design and create ideas. One way starts with defining the customer. Another way starts with a creative workshop. And so on. Many of these paths are a series of workshops and techniques, with the best case scenario being a new product or service at the end (after a few months). 

However, if we have already localized the (customer) problem, there is a 5-day recipe. 

Design Sprint is a recipe for how we arrive at a tested idea including a prototype in 5 days. A recipe that consists of clear rules, processes and settings. 

The setting 

It requires 4-7 employees who do not work together at the workplace. The team should include a decision-maker and a product manager.

The procedure 

Day1: Understanding (delving deeper into the customer problem, visualizing the customer card)

Day2: Sketching (finding several solutions and ideas)

Day3: Deciding (evaluating the solution sketches and ideas)

Day4: Building (developing the prototype)

Day5: Testing (testing the prototype with invited customers)


Google Ventures is the inventor and originator of Design Sprints. The process is described in detail in the book "Sprint" and was previously organized by Google with over 100 startups and its own investments. Would you like to learn more about Get to know Design Sprint and our recipe in 5 days?

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