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The TeleskopEffekt visits Bits&Pretzels

At one of Germany's biggest events for start-ups and co.
vor 2 years | from admin
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Last week, we were once again able to work as TeleskopEffekt at the Bits & Pretzels the family reunion of the German start-up scene. Over 2,500 start-ups, 1,000 investors and 500 speakers came together there to network, develop joint business and look for answers to the trends of today and tomorrow. Since 2014, the event has been regarded as one of the largest events in Germany for start-ups and co.

Right at the beginning Arnold Schwarzenegger made an exclamation mark with his inspiring keynote speech! The entrepreneur, fitness man, actor and former governor of California got to the heart of the matter, motivated the participants and put it in a nutshell: "Be useful. Don't overthink everything" - similar to the motto of our CEO Prof. Leonhard Zintl, who is leading the regional banking world into the future with "Making the future simple".

The 2nd day of Bits & Pretzels again with much Inspirationexciting conversations and lots of Network. So it was very pleasing to see many of our partners from our #Innovation ecosystem to meet there. For example, we met our colleagues from Mantro and Managing Director Manfred Tropper, who as a company builder makes business models fly. Of course, the Saxon start-up network was also well represented. With Marina Heimann and Alexander Seedorf, FutureSAX was of course there. But also Sven Sieber from gigahertz ventures from Mittweida, for example. All in all, we naturally picked up many ideas and impulses for our mission to work on the #Regional bank of the future.

Day 3 at the Bits & Pretzels was of course once again the highlight of this event. Not only because we were able to enjoy an inspiring exchange with Lea-Sophie Cramer were able to network. She is the leading figure in Germany when it comes to female foundership and female leadership. It is impressive to see how she pursues her vision of more #femaleleadership into action.

We also met our colleagues from ChangeGodthe start-up that we have had the privilege of supporting as an investor since the beginning. Last but not least, we got to know many exciting, courageous, energetic people who, even and especially during the crisis, are on the move with confidence and the right entrepreneurial spirit to make the world a little bit better with their idea.

With this in mind, let's make something of it and I'm already looking forward to the #bits23.

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