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Regional conference on the topic of finance

Digital, but secure - finances of the future with Minister President Kretschmer
vor 2 years | from admin
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The current upheaval in the financial world is probably unique. Blockchain technologies, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as robo-advisors are unfamiliar terms for most of us, but they represent current developments in the financial sector. 

Digitalization is also changing the way we understand and deal with finance. What financial innovations are currently taking place? What will the bank of the future look like? 

The Saxon Union invites you to join Minister President Michael Kretschmer, Saxony's Finance Minister Hartmut Vorjohann and Prof. Leonhard Zintl to discuss how we can ensure a stable, crisis-proof and sustainable financial economy in the digital age. The regional conference will take place on September 28, 2022 at 19:30 in the Wasserkraftwerk Mittweida (Weinsdorfer Straße 39, 09648 Mittweida). Further information & registration here (link).