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Partnership with the district of Central Saxony

District of Central Saxony another strong player in the innovation ecosystem in Mittweida
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The district of Central Saxony decides on partnership with TeleskopEffekt GmbH

The innovation incubator TeleskopEffekt, a wholly owned subsidiary of Volksbank Mittweida, has a clear focus on the digitalization of banks, SMEs and start-ups. In addition to strong partners such as IBM, Ceil, T-Systems, Salesforce and Nortal, the district of Central Saxony has now signed a cooperation agreement.

The perfect combination for the regional economy

The TeleskopEffekt and the district of Central Saxony want to together work on it, the region as a location for Innovation and future topics to strengthen the company. With the innovation center Workbench32the Innovation ecosystem with strong partners worldwide and with the close links with Estonia TeleskopEffekt has laid the foundations to support and promote this process. Together, the partners want to 12,000 companies in the region on their Digitization journey support.

In this way, the district and TeleskopEffekt are making an active contribution to To support entrepreneurs and the Strengthening the attractiveness of the location. This should not only contribute to the prosperous development of existing companies, but also attract new companies to Central Saxony.

Goals of the cooperation

Joint activities are planned that will Digitization in the district for the district administration office and for the companies drive forward. Together, events and formats are planned and implemented to support companies in Central Saxony. Inspire, empower and make fitwhich Digitalization as an opportunity to use. 

The first concrete projects of this partnership are, for example, the "Digital map workshop"an "Innovation Workshop with T-Systems" in Berlin, for 30 companies from the region in the T-Systems Innovation Lab, as well as the event "Learning from the strong: What we can learn from Estonia as a model country for digitalization" for companies in the region in the D(e)-Estonia showroom in the Werkbank32 in Mittweida.

Furthermore, a strong exchange and expansion of knowledge is planned in various formats and events. This includes workshops on the implementation and training of new digitalization applications and practices (artificial intelligence, blockchain, design thinking, etc.).

"In the fast lane with the partnership"

District Administrator Matthias Damm is delighted with the partnership. "Advancing digitalization in your own company is not always easy. The Economic Development Department offers companies in the district various opportunities for exchange and networking. The Volksbank Mittweida goes with its subsidiary Telescope effect and the Innovation Center Workbench32 strong progress. Together The aim is to offer companies the opportunity to Digitalization and innovation and thus continue to be an attractive location for business and innovation in Saxony."

The managing director of TeleskopEffekt, Dr. Benjamin Zeitler emphasizes the advantages of the cooperation: "Innovation only works together. With the Werkbank32 innovation center, we have created a space where people and ideas come together to successfully bring ideas to the streets. With this partnership, we will be even more successful in anchoring innovation in the region." 

Prof. Leonhard Zintl, CEO of Volksbank Mittweida e.G., is convinced of the effectiveness of such cooperation. "Digitalization also offers us huge opportunities in Central Saxony. As a regional bank, we want to work to ensure that the Digitalization contributes to strengthening the entire region. That's exactly why we created our innovation center Werkbank 32, that's exactly why partnerships like this one exist."

The first measures are already planned for the first quarter. The activities of the partnership and the opportunity to participate are regularly presented on the website of the Central Saxony District Economic Development Agency. 

The actors

District of Central Saxony

The district of Central Saxony is located in the heart of the Free State of Saxony and was born on August 1, 2008. It was formed from the merger of the former districts of Döbeln, Freiberg and Mittweida. As a very rural district, Central Saxony is proud of the diversity of its business sectors and supports them as much as it can.

Among other things, the business development department acts as a point of contact for companies that are based in the district of Central Saxony or want to put down new roots here. The team looks after and supports both large and small companies with questions about finding a location, recruiting skilled workers and all other issues relating to a healthy and sustainable business. 

Volksbank Mittweida eG

Volksbank Mittweida eG is a leading cooperative bank that enjoys success, innovation and further development. With its bancassurance concept, it serves around 37,000 customers with almost 190 employees and total assets of just under EUR 2.5 billion. Contrary to the general trend, the bank is growing in terms of customers, earnings and employees. In 2020, the bank was recognized for the third time in a row as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the German SME sector with the TOP100 seal has been awarded.

TeleskopEffekt GmbH

Telescope effect is Innovation driver for banks, SMEs and start-ups. With the Werkbank32 innovation center, it offers this innovation a space and strengthens digitalization and innovation expertise for SMEs and supports start-ups in the market entry phase. Werkbank32 provides space for business model development and creative prototyping and offers an optimal environment for start-ups through experienced mentors and a diverse network.

Werkbank32 is operated by TeleskopEffekt GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Volksbank Mittweida. TeleskopEffekt supports banks, SMEs and start-ups in the digitalization process and, with its Inspiration, empowerment and business model development for a Sustainable positioning of the companies.

This article was written in cooperation with Landratsamt Mittelsachsen - Wirtschaftsförderung und Kreisentwicklung