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Official launch of the book "MutOffensive - a compass in times of opportunity" with Minister President Michael Kretschmer

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On 19.01.2023 the editors from Volksbank Mittweida eG and TeleskopEffekt GmbH Dr. Julia Breßler, Prof. Leonhard Zintl. Dr. Benjamin Zeitler, Prof. Dr. Alexander Knauer and the authors present the book "CourageOffensive - a compass in times of opportunity" the Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, in the State Chancellery. This is the official launch of the book, for which Michael Kretschmer wrote the greeting.

How did the book come about?

At Werkbank32 - the innovation forge in the heart of Saxony - the editors experience and support innovation enthusiasts and curious people in their spheres of activity. In doing so, they asked themselves how we can give these people additional courage to realize their Implementing ideas, their Way to go. In the words of Prof. Leonhard Zintl, "We believe it takes courage, and courageous people who go ahead - it takes courage to go, because Only those who set off will arrive in the future."

The MutOffensive deals with the following questions: How can we support or even ensure the success of innovation at SMEs, banks and start-ups? How can we help people overcome obstacles to innovation? The book proposes a path of inspiration and support through courage for the future, courage for action and courage to make good decisions.

Who are the authors?

Authors were found for the book who address the issues of our time with bold recommendations.

- In their contributions, the authors Christopher Patrick Peterka and Carlotta-Luisa Simonis as well as Dr. Friedhelm Boschert emphasize the importance of focusing on the Change to get involved.

- Dr. Tina Müller, Miriam Stareprawo-Hoffmann, Kim Y. Mühl, Florian Marcus and Christian Vogt provide the following with their author contributions Insight into courageous innovation cultures and dealing with future technologies.

- In their contributions, Christian Buchholz, Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg, Jan Hennersdorf and Kathrin Liebernickel as well as Frank Engelhardt emphasize the role and characteristics of the Competence.

- Alexander Knauer, Manfred Tropper, Maro Rudolf, Janina Mühlbauer, Ole Behrens-Carlsson and Desiree Lovcicanova as well as Marcel Vettermann report on approaches and procedures where the personal compass can be aligned.

Who is the book aimed at?

"MutOffensive - A compass in times of opportunity" is aimed at Decision-makers, doers and implementers of innovation work. We will show you trend-setting impulses from theory and practice. Read about opportunities and successful use cases. The book complements the podcast series "MutOffensive", in which innovation enthusiasts regularly provide insights into their approaches, their methods and their fields of ideas.

Where is the book available?

The second edition of the book has been available on Amazon since 19.01.2023. The podcast, which is also part of the courage offensive, can be found on OpenSpotify and in all known podcast formats.

About the editors:

Volksbank Mittweida eG is a leading cooperative bank that takes pleasure in Success, innovation and further development. Contrary to the general trend, the bank is growing in terms of customers, earnings and employees. In 2022, the bank was awarded the TOP100 seal for the fourth time as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the German SME sector.

Telescope effect has been working since 2009 as Innovation driver for banks, SMEs and start-ups. The company offers direct access to future technologies, creates opportunities to try them out and helps to turn applied technologies into new business models. In the "Werkbank32" innovation building, Teleskopeffekt creates creative and work spaces for generating and implementing digital innovations.