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#Media:competent in the WB32

Build up your media skills and actively engage with the new technologies.
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Under the motto "#Media:competent" supports the Community Foundation of the Volksbank Mittweida The project will spend a year developing the media skills and media literacy of various target groups - senior citizens, children, young people and others. A large number of events will take place in the Innovation Center Workbench32 in Mittweida.

On February 01, 2022 launches the first format of the project - the Digitization consultation hour for seniors. Every second Tuesday from 3 to 4 p.m. become seniors in the D(e)-Estonia showroom have the opportunity, General questions to digital media and to present their own mobile devices (e.g. smartphone or tablet) and receive support in operating them. 

Another format within the project is the "Digitalization driver's license for senior citizens" training series. This training series is aimed at Senior:insidewho have their Building media skills would like. In doing so, the Advantages and disadvantages as well as handling of new media and technologies. In five sessions they learn how to use search engines better, which photos they can upload, the world of social media and how to make video calls. In the sixth session, the Ceremonial handover of the digitization driver's licenses takes place.

For the Winter, Easter and summer vacations is the "Grandchildren's offer" is provided. In this format Grandparents and their grandchildren the possibility, discover new media together(e.g. robots), to learn about the Advantages and disadvantages of our digitalization world and to exchange media and technologies try it out for yourself.

The fourth format "Media workshop - experience day for schools" is for Students from the 8th grade onwards designed. School classes can Fridays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. visit the Werkbank32 in Mittweida and actively with digitization and technology topics deal with. On this experience day, pupils get to grips with new media and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of our digitalized world. They also try out digital media and technologies for themselves. 

On June 24, 2022 becomes a Citizens' forum on Digitalization Day take place. The experience digital products and new media and initiated an exchange about it. All citizens from Mittweida and the surrounding regions are cordially invited to participate!

We look forward to welcoming all participants in the formats at our Workbench32 to welcome you!

Further information on the individual offers, the provisional dates and registration can be found at: .