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Innovation rally

vor 3 years | from admin
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On October 4, 2021, the #Workbench32 the innovation rally takes place!

In 7529 steps, we have created the Innovation management at Volksbank viewed.

Strategy, processes, culture and tools were important stages in our rally.

The first station focused on the impact of new business models and the development of new markets on the innovation strategy. An integral part of this was the core competencies as well as the opportunities and challenges that digitalization and technological change bring with them. The group members then had to walk to the next station, which dealt with the analysis and design of innovation processes and the degree of digital networking. 

At the third station, the rally participants analyzed which instruments and methods for organizing innovations are known and how often they are used. At the fourth and final station, the participants dealt with idea management, creative achievements of employees and the general innovative orientation of the company.

The four innovation stations were prepared in the villa, the laundry, the seminar room and the Werkbank32 showroom. The different locations provided a varied atmosphere and had a positive effect on productive and analytical thinking. As the participants had to walk from station to station, the innovation rally provided an additional challenge - how many steps does it take to analyze the bank's innovation activities?

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